Accu-Chek Active vs OneTouch Select Plus Glucometer – Which One Is Better?

If you are recently diagnosed with prediabetes or have had diabetes for many years, you can still lead a full and rewarding life.

The key to regulating blood sugar levels is weight management, exercise, and keeping a healthy diet, in addition to oral medications.

But another important thing about diabetes is that it should always be kept on track. And to do so, a glucometer is the only gadget that needs to be in your home near you.

In the industry, different brands claim to be the finest glucometers.

So to narrow it down for you, here is the article comparing two best and well-recommended glucometers, Accu-Chek Active and One Touch Select Plus, to help you understand their features and functionality-

Accu-Chek Active Glucometer Review

Accu-Chek Active GlucometerAccu-Chek Active is one of the best brands in the market that provides you with the finest glucometers. The brand is committed to helping people with diabetes to live as normal and active lives as possible, as well as encouraging healthcare professionals to treat the condition of their patients optimally. Today, the Accu-Chek Active’s portfolio includes innovative products and impactful solutions for simple, reliable, and effective diabetes management for people with diabetes and healthcare professionals. Blood glucose meters, lancing machines, data collection systems, and education services are included, leading to an enhanced patient result.

This unique glucose meter is fitted with an easy-to-use system with powerful features such as exact blood glucose calculation, pre-and post-meal reminders, visual double-check, and intuitive two-button handling and is suitable for self-testing. For coding the meter, no code chip is needed for Accu-Chek Active, making the process of blood glucose monitoring fast. Slide the test strip towards the arrows in the meter test strip guide until it is locked in place. The meter will turn on and will run a default show search first. Then use your lancing kit to lance the side of the fingertip.

Add the drop of blood to the centre of the green field on the strip and withdraw the finger. After a beep, a flickering hourglass sign appears when the meter discovers the blood, signalling that the test is in progress. The test will be over within around 5 seconds. After a beep, the screen displays the result automatically. The test strip is finally removed from the meter and turned off. Dispose of the strip, after the operation is over.

To maintain 500 results, the meter has enough room. If the meter is new, or if you are using a new strip batch or drum and you are running a meter calibration control test, you must encode the meter as stated in the owner’s manual. The Accu-Chek Active glucometer takes around 1 -2 uL of blood for testing. And one of the significant features induced in the device is when the blood drop on the test strip is not adequate, and the meter warns the patient of under-dosing.

And also, it offers pre & post-meal flagging to differentiate the calculated glucose level before and after the meal. This is one of the best suggested and good glucometers. Learn more about this product from here.

OneTouch Select Plus Glucometer Review

OneTouch Select Plus Simple GlucometerOne-touch Select Plus glucometers are one of the most prominent glucometers on the market. One-Touch Select Plus was initially developed as a product for diabetic patients that is capable of providing a healthy lifestyle for users. These glucometers are one of the particular products that LifeScan has produced under this brand. It has always believed in innovation and viewed it as one of the human beings’ most significant gains.

One-Touch Select Plus glucometers have been infused with Bluetooth functionality and have been able to effectively track cellular devices on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. Lifescan is a very trusted and promising manufacturer that has developed One Touch Select Simple glucometer for home blood glucose monitoring.

One-Touch Select Simple gives you easy access and a lot of features; anyone can use it. It can be used to monitor the levels of blood glucose easily and helps you to take active action if the test results find something incorrect. The weight of the unit is too small and is highly portable. You can easily take it to any location you like, and it fits in your palm or pocket perfectly. Before setting up the unit, no precoding or calibration is needed. It can be used as soon as it is unpacked, right away. There is no effort required at all to use the system.

It’s super quick to use. What you need to do is insert the test strip into the glucometer prime slot and then apply the obtained blood sample from the futile finger prick. Then put the result gently on the LCD, and within five seconds, the test results will be out. Before setting up the test strips, there is no need to insert a chip for coding. It is a great advantage, especially for older people.

It also shows the most stable state of your blood sugar levels relative to the desired level you should have. The audio sounds or signals that come as a type of indication have accompanied this feature. It is one of the most promising brands in the market.

Read the full review of OneTouch Select Plus this article.

Accu-Chek Active Vs OneTouch Select Plus Simple Glucometer Comparison India

Accu-Chek Active vs OneTouch Select Plus Glucometer Comparison

Now let’s discuss the comparison between both the glucometers, and figure out the distinctions between them. I will compare them on some points so that you can select the best one-


In the case of accuracy, both glucometers excel as they are both caused by such technology that gives you results in seconds. With features such as precise blood glucose level control, pre-and post-meal reminders, and visual double-checking, the Accu-Chek Active glucometer has been designed to ensure proper reading at the end of the test.

In the case of One Touch Select Simple, the test results are ensured to be accurate because it has been featured with advanced technology that lets you know immediately if something is wrong with the test results. You are immediately notified within a matter of seconds.

So both the glucometers are equally developed in the case of accuracy and efficiency.


While both Accu-Chek Active Glucometer and One Touch Select Plus Glucometer share almost the same sort of features, in the case of working they are still very different.

For Accu-Chek Active glucometer, they can be used out of the box at the click of a single button. For some prototypes, but not all Accu-Chek Active glucose systems, coding, and calibration are needed. Easy to use, particularly for vision deficient diabetic patients. 2-button navigation makes it super easy. Within only 5 seconds, the result is correct, and 500 test values can be easily stored in the memory feature. The warning signal is ineffective when the blood sample is collected.

Whereas in the case of One Touch Select Plus, the devices have been constructed with a simple design and do not require precoding or calibration. Colour-sure technology that shows the amount of sugar in the blood has been caused. One of the best trial strips is the strips used for the examination. The system follows ISO 15197:2013 standardisation. And most importantly, within five seconds, it provides you with the test results.

So if we are to conclude which one is the best featured, then One Touch Select Plus ranks first as Accu-Chek Active even though having the best features, needs coding and calibration. One-Touch Select Plus requires no coding or calibration to operate, which makes it easier to handle.


For both the products, the price range is entirely justified, but if we compare then the Accu-Chek Active glucometer is a bit pricey than the One Touch Select Plus glucometer. Mostly it is because of more advanced features that have been induced in the device.

Both the products come with warranty periods from the manufacturers, and you are provided with 24×7 assistance if anything goes wrong with the operation.

Easy to use

In the case of both glucometers, the procedure is simple. For Accu-Chek Active, no code chip is necessary to codify the meter, making the process of blood glucose monitoring fast. Slide the test strip towards the arrows in the test strip guide on the meter until it is locked in place. The meter will turn on and carry out a default show search first.

Apply a drop of blood on the strip to the middle of the green field and remove the digit. A flickering hourglass sign appears after a beep when the meter discovers the blood, signalling that the test is in progress. Within about 5 seconds, the exam will be over. The screen reveals the outcome automatically after a beep. Lastly, the test strip is removed from the meter and switched off. After the procedure is done, dispose of the strip.

Everything you need to do in the case of One Touch Select Plus Glucometer has inserted the test strip into the glucometer’s prime slot, then added the blood sample obtained from the futile finger prick. Then put the result gently on the LCD, and within five seconds, the test results will be out.

Both the glucometers are equally easy to use and operate by people of any age group. They both provide results within a matter of seconds.

Over to you

So now, if you buy one of these glucose meters, you know what you will get. They both have a high-quality body and excellent functionality. If you want to purchase a glucometer that does its job efficiently and gives you the correct results each time, you can go to any of these brands. I hope I have explained what you need to understand with our Accu-Chek Active and One Touch Select Plus Comparison Post.

If this article is useful, let us know and if you want to ask or comment about something, then feel free to add it in the comments section. I will, undoubtedly, clear it out for you!

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