🥇BeatO Smartphone Glucometer Review – Is it worth Buying?

Fighting with chronic diseases like diabetes needs efforts, regularity, and patience. To ensure your glucose level remains under a healthy curve, you need to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Along with that, you must also keep a check on your blood glucose level so that you can avoid any unwanted circumstances.

But when you need to do the check regularly, we need something more straightforward and more user-friendly. However, with so many glucometers in the market, it becomes very tough to choose the correct one for oneself. So, today this article is on BeatO Smartphone Glucometer Review – this device uses an innovative idea to make the glucose test easier.

So, here in this article, we have reviewed BeatO Smartphone Glucometer in detail. Check this article to know how this glucometer uses a newfangled method to make glucose testing more convenient.

About the brand – BeatO

BeatO is an Indian startup brand that uses the innovative technology of applying smartphones as a part of their glucometer. Though the brand is relatively new in the market, it has set up its position as a tough competitor.

The co-founder of BeatO believes that defeating chronic diseases requires simplified care and management. So they have developed such a glucometer kit and app which instantly connects to your physician and other significant persons to let them know about your result. So, their products are user-friendly and have been specifically designed for personal uses.

BeatO Smartphone Glucometer Review

BeatO Smartphone Glucometer ReviewThe CEO of BeatO describes this product in just three words as “Mobile Based Glucometer”. This glucometer is the first of its kind. It is unique in the sense that it uses your smartphone as the monitor to display the glucose test result.

This glucometer looks like a smartphone battery with a round shape audio jack attach to the lower side. It forms a connection between the glucometer and your smartphone. It can work seamlessly with Android devices and iPhones.

If we talk about its preciseness, the BeatO Smartphone Glucometer gives ± 15% accuracy compared to the lab test. That means your reading can vary by 20 to 30 points (approximately). Simultaneously, there are few other glucometers available in the market that have better accuracy than BeatO Glucometer. So, in terms of the accuracy of the glucose test, this BeatO Smartphone Glucometer lags. This is one of the reasons why we have not included this device in our Top Glucometers in India List.

Due to this drawback, this glucometer cannot be used for professional purposes. Moreover, while you keep your glucose level in a track by self-monitoring at home, it is recommended to take lab tests once in a while to be sure.

The product is CE certified, thus assuring you that it is safe enough to be used for self-monitoring purposes.

Another downside of this glucometer is that, after putting the blood drop on the test strip, it takes 8 seconds to show the result. In comparison, most of the competitor brands complete the process within 5 seconds. But, 3 seconds is not too long, and you need to wait a little longer to get your result.

If we talk about the glucometer structure, it has a rigid metal body. So, you don’t need to worry about damaging it by accident. But you have to be careful with the audio jack part as it will not be as rigid as the body. It has the other information printed on the rear side. Moreover, it also has the brand logo on the front surface, indicating its authenticity. It is a chargeable machine that uses electricity to run. The glucometer claims to have a very long battery life and can last up to 4000 tests. It has an opening at the lower end of the gadget where you can put the test strips.

As the name suggests, this Glucometer depends on a smartphone to show the result. So, whenever you are taking a test, you must have your smartphone with you. It will not be a problem since nowadays it is ubiquitous to own a smartphone.

So, before starting with the testing procedure, you need to download an application on your phone called “BeatO Smart Diabetes”. It is available in the Google Play Store and App Store. Moreover, to make it simpler, the manufacturer attaches a QR code on the box’s side, which you can use to download the app. This app acts as a display screen for the glucometer.

For most of the glucometer, you get the test strips packed together in a small box. So, every time you take out a test strip from the box, your fingers touch the strips by default. It is not hygienic. But with the BeatO glucometer kit, you don’t have to worry about that. The manufacturer packs each strip separately so that you can get a sanitised and hygienic strip every time you take the test.

Like other glucometers, this glucometer kit also uses a lancet device and lancet needle to prick your finger to take out the blood. And the lancet device as the same installation process as the other kits. So, it will not be a challenging job.

While BeatO uses your smartphone to set the glucometer and show results, a question may arise – What will happen if someone calls you during that time?

No worries!

If you haven’t used the test strip, i.e., have not put blood drop in it, pull out the test strips and place it again. By using this method, the glucometer reads the test strips and allows you to reuse it.

As for the packing, the manufacturer packs the glucometer (main unit) in a protective transparent case with a quick guide below it. Moreover, just like other glucometers, it also comes with a small carry cover, which helps you keep the kit together.

As discussed before, this smartphone glucometer kit is tiny and compact, which makes it portable. So, if you need to travel, the equipment will occupy a little space in your luggage.

Also, this product is very budget-friendly since the manufacturers save up the expense of a monitor. Therefore, in a small budget, BeatO can be a great product.

And for the warranty, the manufacturer attaches a code on the top side of the glucometer box, which you can use to redeem a lifetime warranty.

The item included in the kit during delivery are :

  • 1 glucometer
  • (20+ Free 30) RGB Sinocare Safe-Accu 2 Test Strips
  • 50 Lancet needles
  • 1 lancet device
  • 1 carry bag
  •  User manual

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 About the app

The feature-rich “BeatO Smart Diabetes” app is very user-friendly and will guide you all the way to make the self-monitoring a straightforward process. The home screen of the app is used as the displaying unit of the glucometer. The instant you connect the glucometer to your phone, the next step will be displayed on the screen, showing all the follow-up process with pictures and words. This makes the product very user-friendly.

Moreover, to make the test process more straightforward, the application will show you the standard troubleshooting methods along with pictures. You can apply these methods if you face any difficulty.

Additionally, along with the results, the screen also shows the range (green, yellow, and red zone) in which your blood sugar level lies. It indicates whether you have a healthy, moderate, or abnormal glucose level accordingly.

And if you want a reminder for the next test, you can set the alarm using this app. So, you will never miss any scheduled glucose testing.

The app also offers you an online shopping zone for their products at discounted rates. You can buy test strips, lancets, and other medical products of this brand through this app. This feature is handy, as you can shop directly and quickly without wandering in the shopping sites searching for the products you need.

Moreover, the app offers you to create your log to save all your test results and specifications. Additionally, it depicts your test results in the form of trends and simple graphs to make the analysis easier.

Through the app, you can connect with two of your contacts who can see your test results instantly. Moreover, it has an automatic alert system that will let you know your contacts if you have some abnormal test results. This becomes very useful when you have old parents at home and need to go out to another city for work. In case of any unhealthy reading, you would be able to know beforehand to make preparations. This also helps you to share your test result instantly with your physician.

Furthermore, you can also sync any other google activity tracker using this app.

But another serious issue with this app is that it needs the internet for functioning. It is acceptable that we have a speedy internet connection in most places, but it can be a problem if your area is prone to slow net connection. Moreover, if you travel in some hilly area, where a net connection can be a serious issue, this app will not work.

Download App

  • Small and compact (size of a mobile battery)
  • User-friendly
  • Long battery life
  • Comes with a sufficient number of lancet needles and test strips
  • Maintaining result logs is hassle-free
  • Shows results in trends and graphs for simplification
  • Troubleshooting with picture guide
  • Have an automatic alert system
  • Allows online shopping
  • Has a user manual with pictures
  • Budget-friendly
  • Has ± 15% accuracy in comparison to the lab test
  • It takes 8 seconds to show the test result
  • Needs internet to work with

CHECK PRICE – BeatO Smartphone Glucometer Kit


In short, the BeatO glucometer is very straightforward to use but has an issue with accuracy. Another problem that you need to consider is the internet connectivity. If you have a strong net connection, this app runs smoothly. Moreover, this app is user-friendly and analyses blood glucose very easily. Thus plus point of this model is that it lets your closer ones know if you have any unhealthy test results.

Apart from that, this glucometer comes with a sufficient number of test strips and lancet needles, which is enough stock for almost two months. Moreover, each test strips are packed separately to make it more hygienic. So, this product is a real value for the money.

Therefore, if you want to try something innovative and have a tight budget, BeatO Smartphone glucometer can be the right choice.

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