Best Baby Weighing Scales in India – Reviews and Buyer’s Guide

Babies. They are innocent and clueless about the ways of the sophisticated world. And raising young ones, according to me, is the most challenging task on the planet!

A healthy baby in India weighs around 3.2 kg at the time of birth.

For different ages of the baby, bodyweight is one of the most useful indicators to check the growth of the baby and know about the health.

The fact that the weight of a baby needs to be monitored continuously is established. Now the dilemma arises as to how to go about it. You can make trips to a clinic, but that will be time-consuming, expensive, and irritates the baby.

Parenting is hard, especially during the initial years, but you are here reading this article, I can say that you are doing an outstanding job.

Now I will begin by giving you the list of the best baby weighing scales in India. Go through the table below before you read individual features.

best baby weighing scale

10 Best Baby Scales in India

1. Meditive Digital Baby and Infant Weighing Scale

Meditive Digital Baby and Infant Weighing Scale is an infant and baby weighing scale machine made of ABS body with Weight Range from 0.1KG to 30KG.

This infant weighing scale uses 3 x AAA 1.5V batteries, which is already included in the machine. The infant weighing machine also has a mechanical HOLD function to record the weight reading even while your baby is moving continuously. For your further information, this infant weighing can also display the difference in weight of your baby between the current reading and the last recorded reading that was taken previously.

  • Excellent display and easy to use.
  • Pre Loaded Music and melody to keep the baby Calm.
  • Cost-effective.
  • Sometimes shows different value for the same weight
  • Not accurate always

2. SMART CARE Sc2011 Electronic Baby Weight Scale

The electronic infant weighing machine is the smart choice for weighing your baby regularly. The maximum range of this weighing machine is 20 Kg, and it can display weight in Kg and pounds both.

This one offers rapid measuring results very fast. It has a large, smooth, and curved surface design, and it provides a very comfortable weighing of your baby.

This infant weighing machine has smart features like tare, which automatically subtracts the added weight of diaper, clothing, or blanket with white backlight.

  • A soft and safe platform and very comfortable for your baby
  • Bright and Large LED display
  • This machine offers accurate and precise measurements
  • Weight gets displayed in both Kilograms (kg), and Pounds (lb)
  • Technical glitches noticed

3. Rossmax WE300 Baby Weighing Machine

The Rossmax WE300 digital infant weighing machine is another smart choice for measuring your baby weight in the comfort of your home.

This infant weighing machine is designed for providing support to your baby and offers you accurate and precise weight measurements of your baby.

This infant weighing machine also has the hold function as well as the tare function that keeps the weight on the LCD even when your baby is continuously moving around. It also comes with a large digital display so that you can easily read the measurements beside you can check the measurements in Kg, lb, and oz units.

  • Easy to use and very comfortable
  • Strong construction
  • Sturdy
  • Unable to track baby weight gain
  • Not a very good battery life

4. MCP Digital Baby Weighing Scale

The MCP Digital Baby weighing machine comes with a lot of amazing features.

This scale comes with padding that makes your baby comfortable while he or she lays down on the scale. This infant weighing machine also comes with the hold feature. It keeps the weight on the display even when your baby is wiggling around.

This infant weighing machine not only weighs your baby’s weight but also helps you to keep track of the height of your baby.

The best part about this weighing machine is that as soon as you remove the tray, this weighing scale helps to weigh babies of all ages. Hence you can assume this machine can weigh for an extensive range.

It has the maximum weighing capacity of 100 Kg with an accuracy of 10 gm.

  • Very comfortable
  • Offers quick readings
  • It is sleek and neat
  • Difficult to read the readings
  • It is a bit unstable

5. Docbel-Braun Baby Popular Weighing Scale

Docbel-Braun Baby Popular Weighing Scale weighing scale from Docbel is loaded with ample of exciting features and apart from Tare and Hold Feature, the weighing scale also has a memory feature that can store the last few readings of your baby weight.

This incredible scale comes with a warranty of 18 months, which is yet another advantage of buying this fantastic infant weighing scale.

Apart from all these features, the weighing scale can also calculate and display the difference in weight between the current reading and the previous reading so you can keep a track on your babies fluctuating weight.

  • Sturdy and durable construction
  • Anti-rust coated parts
  • Easily removable pan with a sliding mechanism
  • No screws
  • Lesser sensitive at lower weights
  • Correct measurement of weights limited to a certain range

6. Vepson Electronic Baby Weighing Scale

Vepson Electronic Digital Bathroom Body Baby Weighing Scale digital baby weighing machine from the brand Vepson can evaluate the maximum weight of 40 Kg, and the minimum weighing capacity is 10 g.

This machine has a large LCD, which makes the weighing figures very much convenient to read. Besides, when it comes to accuracy, and this machine is perfect that offers precise measurements every time.

It also comes with a split-type design that lets you take out the tray too to assess the weight of babies of different ages by stepping on it.

  • Comfortable to your child
  • Auto on/off
  • Not durable.
  • Comparatively expensive

7. Salter 914 Electronic Baby and Toddler Scale

I have already discussed that tracking and recording your baby’s weight is crucial to make sure your baby is growing up healthy, and this scale will help you with it.

Salter is a renowned brand. Their products are the best in the segment.

Salter 914 Electronic Baby and Toddler Scale features the ideal size for all toddlers and babies. Because of an incredible Hold function, which lets you get weight even if your child is moving around continuously.

This machine gives you a life-time and best companion to record your infant’s weight without worrying about his safety.

Though this product is at premium price, but it is worth every single Rupee spent on it.

  • Sturdy and good design
  • Throws up the most accurate weight possible among all scales
  • Battery doesn’t last long
  • Few inconsistencies have been reported

8. Aliston Plastic Digital Baby Weighing Scale

Aliston Plastic Digital Baby/Infant Weighing Scale has a capacity 20 kgs with an accuracy of10 gm. The scale width is 25 cms, and a tray width of 61 cms.

The part that I like the best about the Aliston Plastic Digital scale is that it is straightforward to assemble. Even a novice can set it up in no time without requiring some technical and mechanical knowledge.

This is a 2 in 1 weighing scale. It can be used for small children to weigh horizontally and for elder children to weigh while standing and easy to assemble

  • Help keep a tab of kid’s growth
  • Easy to assemble
  • Not cost-effective

9. U-Grow 2 in 1 Baby Weighing Scale

U-Grow 2 in 1 Baby Weighing Scale U001-BS with Digital Thermometerscale is perfect for weighing babies and children.

The scale comes with the “Tare” function and lets you weigh the kid accurately with additional items on the scale.

The machine makes use of high precision sensor for accurate reading. The scale is electronic. It also has an automatic stop mechanism which acts as the automatic weight alert. The measurement unit can also be set as per convenience.

  • Automatic stop
  • Measurement unit setting possible
  • Weight fluctuations

10. Techsun Mart Electronic Baby Digital Scale

Techsun Mart Plastic Electronic Smooth and Safe Surface Baby Digital Weighing Scale are designed so smartly to ensure the comfort of your baby.

It comes with a high precision strain gauge sensor and capability CPU to give the accurate weight of your baby every time. You can efficiently dually use the machine, which means you have the option to remove the baby tray and use it as a standard weighing machine.

It can measure the weight of infants up to that of 10 year old children.

  • You can use it till your child becomes 10 Years old
  • Not cost-effective

Advantages of using a Baby Scale

  • You can weigh the baby anytime.
  • The scale gives accurate weight reading.
  • It helps you keep track of the weight and maintain a record without having to take trips to a doctor.
  • You can monitor the amount consumed during feeding.
  • You can track the kid’s weight fluctuations.
  • You can follow the baby’s growth and progress all by yourself.

Must-Have Features in a Baby Weighing Scale

As you will most probably be aware, every decision should be taken wisely in life if you don’t want to regret it later. Therefore the following are specific points you should keep in mind while buying a weighing scale, which is best for your baby.


While buying the scales, make sure you touch base with your hands to ensure the surface is smooth and does not have any dents and gaps. Also, make sure the surface is flat so that the baby does not fall.


LED display makes sure the readings you get are accurate. Also, you can connect the weighing scale to a PC and track the weight of the baby over months.


A big range is always good so that it does not become useless if the baby’s weight increases more than the provided range or is less.


The scale should be waterproof so that any liquid spilling over it does not affect the weight also make sure it is dust resistant.

Over to you

As I already mentioned in the beginning, raising kids is exceptionally challenging. You will spend many sleepless nights. You will wash thousands of dirty clothes. You will end up fighting with your spouse over how covered the child should be in winters. You will question your decision to become a parent. You will doubt yourself.

But have faith. You will do the job in the end. Teach the child ethical values and to love themselves. Teach them to love and respect everyone. Treat girls and boys equally, kids learn by observing.

One day after many years, you will look at them and realize you did a damn excellent job at raising them. Choosing the right baby weighing scale is just the beginning.

You have a long way to go!

All the best!! You will need it.

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