Best Glucometer in India – Reviews and Buyer’s Guide

A Glucometer is an essential part of the Home Blood Glucose Monitoring System. It can tell you your blood glucose levels in seconds. So no matter where you are, you can check your glucose levels efficiently and comfortably.

To control your glucose levels, you need to buy the Best Glucometer.

best glucometers in india

A Glucometer is a critical device; you should choose which one to buy with helpful information.

There are many brands in the market claiming their device is the Best Glucometer in India. Every brand and each product has its pros and cons, and it is so easy to get confused; so it gets difficult to answer which one is the Best Glucometer?

My patients often asked me the same question, so I thought to test all the Glucometers that I could find.

We bought all Glucometers we could find. Then, after testing them for Accuracy, Cost, Build Quality, Warranty, and Features.

We conclude that the following are the Best Glucometers in India.

7 Best Glucometer in India 2024

Here are the Best Glucometer available in India from Contour, Accu-Chek, OneTouch, Dr Trust, and Dr. Morepen.

  1. Contour Plus One – Best Glucometer Overall
  2. Accu-Chek Active Glucometer – Recommended by Doctors
  3. Dr. Morepen BG-03 Glucose Meter – Most Affordable
  4. Dr. Trust Fully Automatic – Best Memory
  5. Accu-Chek Instant – Best for Quick Result
  6. OneTouch Select Plus Glucometer – Best for Compact Size
  7. Contour TS Blood Glucose Meter – Best Simplicity

Comparison of the Best Glucometers

Product Contour Plus One Glucometer

contour plus one Glucometer

Accu-Chek Active Glucometer

Dr.Morepen GlucoOne

Dr. Morepen Glucometer

Dr Trust Fully Automatic

Dr Trust Fully Automatic Glucometer

Accu-Chek Instant S

Accu-Check instant S Glucometer

OneTouch Select Plus Simple

One touch select plus simple Glucometer

Contour TS Blood Glucose Monitor

Contour TS Glucometer

Rank 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th
Editor’s Rating 9.7 9.5 9.3 9.2 9.1 9 9
Accuracy 4.9/5 4.4/5 4.5/5 4.7/5 4.4/5 4.5/5 4.7/5
Memory 800 500 300 1000 Last Reading 250
Strips Included 25 10 10 60 10 10 10
Warranty Lifetime 10 Years Lifetime 1 Year 10 Years Lifetime
Minimum Cost of Strips* ₹17 ₹15 ₹12 ₹18 ₹19 ₹22 ₹18.5
Average 7, 14, 30, 90 Days 7, 14, 31 Days No No No 14 Days
Smart Yes No No No No No No
Made in Switzerland Germany India India

*Calculated by – Largest Strip Pack Cost / Number of Strips on Pack

A Detailed List of the Best Glucometers in India


Contour Plus One - Best Glucometer Overall

Contour Plus One Glucometer
Quick Specs

Accuracy : 4.9/5

Memory : 800

Free Strips : 25

Warranty : Lifetime

What We Like
  • Connects with Smartphone
  • One of the most accurate glucometers
  • You can set reminders
  • Fast and Easy to read results
What We Dont Like
  • Costly Strips

Contour Plus One has passed ISO 15197: 2013 accuracy criteria beyond the benchmark. That makes it one of the most accurate products in the market.

Contour plus one is a smart glucometer with smartphone compatibility. You can connect your glucometer with your smartphone through Bluetooth and sync your meter to Contour Diabetes app. 

You can set up your profile on the app that can help you better manage your blood glucose. Now you can manage your diabetes and glucose results with comfort and ease.

You can keep your records on your phone. You can set alarms to remind you to check your blood glucose or go to a doctor’s appointment. That gives you one less thing to worry about.

With the smart light feature, you can set a target range for your glucose readings, and it will tell you if your glucose results are below, above, on in the target range. It helps you keep your glucose readings less frequent.

This is the best Glucometer in India for less painful testing because it has a “The Second Chance” feature that allows you to put more blood on the same strip in 60 seconds if you did not put enough for the glucose test, which gives you the accuracy you need with comfort and less pain. In addition, it will save you a lot of strips and lancets.

Your Contour Plus One glucometer lets you set an emergency contact on the app in case of high or low blood sugar. In addition, you can put local emergency numbers.

It has a memory of 800 blood glucose test results. As a result, you can keep a long-detailed record of your blood glucose. It will help you in your long-term diabetes management and your treatment plans.

The price may be a bit high, but the product is up to the class and quality for the best glucometer, and at the end of the day, that is what we pay for. Right?

Learn more about this product in the detailed review here.


Accu-Chek Active Glucometer - Recommended by Doctors

Accu-Chek Active Blood Glucose Meter
Quick Specs

Accuracy : 4.4/5

Memory : 500

Free Strips : 10

Warranty : 10 Year

What We Like
  • Underdosing alert and Re-dosing option
  • Expired strip alert
  • Meal markers
  • Micro USB port
What We Dont Like
  • Pricy strips
  • Lack of clarity in Instructions Manual

Accu-Chek active is small but big in features. This glucometer has security alerts, a meal marker, and a very good memory. The date and time are pre-set, which means one less setup to do.

The glucometer has only two buttons to operate and a large display that is easy to read. This is the best glucometer for mobility and ease of use.

You can put the strip first into the meter and then put blood or the other way around, and you will get the right results. This glucose meter only takes 5-8 seconds to test your glucose levels and show the result.

You can set the markers for pre-meal or post-meal tests. The post-meal alert can remind you to test your blood after 2 hours of your meal.

This glucometer gives you an alert if you insert an expired strip or if you are underdosed. You can re-dose in 10 seconds after the alert. These alerts are beneficial cause now you will get only the right results.

It can store up to 500 of your recent results. You can see 7, 14, 30, and 90 days of average results.

This glucometer Fulfils 100 % of the accuracy requirements of DIN EN ISO 15197:2003.1. It means that you don’t have to worry about glucometer’s accuracy. It will give you accurate results quickly.

This glucometer also has a micro USB port which lets you connect the glucometer to your computer. You can manage and analyse your results better. It would be best if you had diabetes management software on your computer.

Find out more about Accu-Check Active in the detailed review.


Dr. Morepen BG-03 Glucose Meter - Most Afforable

Dr. Morepen Glucometer
Quick Specs

Accuracy : 4.5/5

Memory : 300

Free Strips : 10

Warranty : Lifetime

What We Like
  • Accurate
  • One of the cheapest in the market
  • Only 0.5µL blood required
  • Beeper alert
What We Dont Like
  • Strips have short expiry date
  • Inconsistent results
  • Few Service Centers

Dr. Morepen is one of the leading brands in India. They make it consumer-friendly and the best glucometer in terms of affordability.

Dr. Morepen BG-03 is one of the most affordable blood glucometers in the market. The BG-03 comes with great features and a very low price. BG-03 is a smart glucometer with an ergonomic design.

It has a beeper alert for high or low blood glucose levels. So, you will know if your blood glucose levels are high or low, and you can go to the doctor.

It only requires 0.5µL blood to perform the test, which is great cause it is less painful to do the test with small samples.

It will give you the result in 5 seconds, so you won’t have to waste your time waiting for results; you can take the test anywhere and have a faster result.

Its accuracy is one of the key features of this product. This is the best glucometer for accurate and fast testing.

You can store up to 300 of your blood glucose results with a built-in storage feature to keep a record.

Cost-effectiveness is Dr. Morepen BG-03’s best quality. Its strips cost half than its competitors. The strips are easily available in the market, both online and offline.

This glucometer has a lifetime warranty. You can trust the device one hundred percent.

The kit has BG-03 Glucometer with 25 strips, a lancing device, 10 lancets, batteries, and a plastic case. If you want to buy an accurate and low-priced glucometer with a good storage capacity, then this is the best glucometer for you.

You read Dr. Morepen BG-03 Review in depth to learn more about this product.


Dr Trust Fully Automatic - Best Memory

Dr Trust Fully Automatic Glucometer
Quick Specs

Accuracy : 4.7/5

Memory : 1000

Free Strips : 60

Warranty : 1 Year

What We Like
  • Alternative site testing
  • 1000 results storing capacity
  • Backlight display
  • Ketone Monitoring
  • Strip ejection button
What We Dont Like
  • Costly strips
  • Sometimes gives high results

This is a good and user-friendly glucometer with comfortable testing, fast result, and many features.

It only takes 0.5 µL blood, which makes testing less painful.

This device uses GDH-FAD stripes, which avoids oxygen variations in blood. It also prevents galactose and maltose interference in the blood samples. The samples from arteries and capillaries can be used for testing. In terms of extra features that come with a glucometer, this is the best Glucometer in India.

It will let you know if your Ketone levels are high, which is a great feature considering most of the glucometers only pay attention to the glucose levels.

It gives you an accurate and fast result. It needs no coding that means less chance of error due to wrong coding.

This device has a backlight display that is easy to read at night. It shows your result with a smiley face; a happy face indicates a good result, and a sad face indicates a bad result.

This glucometer can store 1000 recent results with date and time. It will be beneficial in keeping records as the results have a date and time stamp on them.

It has a strip ejection feature that allows you to dispose of the strip without even touching it, which gives fewer chances of infection.

It has two different units, mg/dl and mmol/l. You can set up 4 reminders to remind you when to take the tests.

It has three modes that are Gen, AC, and PC.

The AC mode takes reading in the morning when you have an empty stomach. The PC mode takes a reading after the meal. You can use the general mode at any time of the day.

It comes with some free strips, lancets, a lancing device, and a case with a digital thermometer.

Read Dr Trust Fully Automatic Detailed Review to know more about this product.


Accu-Chek Instant - Best for Quick Result

Accu-Chek Instant S Blood Glucometer
Quick Specs

Accuracy : 4.4/5

Memory : Last Reading

Free Strips : 10

Warranty : 10 Years

What We Like
  • No coding needed
  • The intuitive target range indicator
  • USB port
  • Alternative site testing
  • Compact design
What We Dont Like
  • Sometimes gives less Accurate results
  • No USB cable included in the box

This is a compact and easy-to-use Glucometer. There is only one button on the device, nothing more; than what you need. No coding; just put the strip and check your blood glucose.

It meets the accuracy regulations of ISO 15197:2013/EN ISO 15197:20151. So, it gives the most accurate results.

The glucometer also has a nine coloured range indication system, you can set your normal range, and it tells you if you are low, high, or in range. This feature can help you reach your diabetes management goals.

So, if you want an easy indication, this is the best glucometer for you.

The LCD is backlit, making it very easy to read, at night, and for people with low vision. The glucometer has a sleek and modern design.

You can save 720 of your recent blood glucose results, which you can see on your computer. You can only see your 7, 30, and 90 days average results on display. It also stores 30 of your recent control solutions test results.

This glucometer has a micro USB port so you can send data to your computer. It would help if you had diabetes management software on your computer to use this feature and see all 720 recent results.

Accu-Chek Instant S Glucometer takes readings from whole capillary blood; it gives you more sites to take blood. So, you can use blood from your forearm, palm, and upper arm for the blood glucose testing and get accurate results with less pain.

The pack of glucometer comes with 10 stripes and a control solution.

I published an article related to this glucometer. You can check it out, Accu-Chek Active vs Accu-Chek Instant Glucometer – Which one is Better?


OneTouch Select Plus Glucometer - Best for Compact Size

OneTouch Select Plus Simple Blood Glucose Meter
Quick Specs

Accuracy : 4.5/5

Memory :

Free Strips : 10

Warranty :

What We Like
  • Easy to use
  • Compact design
  • No need of coding
  • Beep and colour alert
What We Dont Like
  • Sometimes gives less accurate results
  • Sometimes shows error
  • Doesn’t have a memory

OneTouch select plus is very compact and easy to use. There is no need for coding, no setup, and no buttons, making it very easy to use.

OneTouch Select Plus Select meets the latest International Standards of ISO 15197:2013; it gives you the accurate results that you want.

You can open the box and use it straight away. It is easy to learn to use this glucometer. Even those who don’t know anything about glucometers can easily use this product.

This is the best glucometer for those who are just starting blood glucose testing.

Using this device is so easy you take a strip out of the box, put your blood on the strip, and place the strip into the glucometer, and it will show you the results.

This glucometer has a colour and sound alert system. If your blood glucose is low, it will show the blue colour with a fast beep. If your glucose levels are healthy, it will show a green colour with a single beep. If you have a low glucose level, you will get a red colour with a slow beep.

Its compact design makes this Glucometer one of the best Glucometer in India for mobility that allows you to take it anywhere with you. You can use it anytime, wherever you want, and have your blood glucose tested with ease.

It requires only 1 µL blood to take the test and gives you a result in just 5 seconds.

Learn more about this product in the detailed review here and read the comparison of this glucometer with Accu-Chek Active.


Contour TS - Best Simple Glucometer

Contor TS Glucometer
Quick Specs

Accuracy : 4.7/5

Memory :

Free Strips : 10

Warranty : Lifetime

What We Like
  • High accuracy
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Longer strips life
  • 5 second test countdown
  • Easy-to-see test strip port
What We Dont Like
  • Memory could be better
  • Takes a little longer than other glucometer(8 Sec)

Contour TS is a very reliable and easy-to-use glucometer. It is useful for both in-home personal users and health care professionals.

It Meets ISO 15197: 2013 accuracy requirements: 95 percent of glucose readings within ±15 percent (or +/- 15 mg/dl) of lab reference. You can trust me 100% when I say that contour makes the most accurate and best Glucometer in India.

It only takes 0.6µL blood to test, which gives you a less painful blood glucose reading. This glucometer can store 250 of your last glucose results.

This glucometer has a broad range for testing (10mg/dl- 600mg/dl), which is enormous. It offers automatic hematocrit compensation and control solution detection.

The Contour TS is designed to be used with venous and capillary whole blood. So, you have the alternative site testing option, which is great cause you don’t have to prick your fingertip every time. It is less painful.

This glucometer has automatic coding, so less chance of error and less work to do for glucose testing. You just put the strip into the orange port of the meter. It will turn on, and after a 5-second countdown, you can see your glucose levels.

If you press the M button on glucometer, you can see your old results. Also, you can see an average of 14 days of your results taken over the last 14 days.

It comes with a lifetime warranty. Contour TS test strips have a 24 months expiry time. This is great because you don’t have to run to the pharmacy that often you can buy and store more strips.

This glucometer has a big display where you can see your result comfortably along with date and time, and temperature indicator. You can also transfer your result to your computer with a Bayer data cable. You will need the brand’s management software to do it.

The kit comes with ten free testing strips.

The accuracy and convenience make this glucometer the Best Glucometer in India.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

What is a Glucometer?

A glucometer is a device that tests your blood glucose levels. It can tell you your blood glucose levels in seconds. No matter where you are, you can check your glucose levels efficiently and comfortably.

How does Blood Glucose Meter Work?

First, you prick your finger with the lancing device and put a drop of blood on the test strip. Then put the testing strip in the glucose meter, and the glucose oxidase on the test strip reacts to the glucose in the blood. Then the electrodes on the glucometer run a current through the strip to determine the glucose levels and show you the result.

Is it worth to buy a Glucometer?

Home management of diabetes is as important as clinical treatment, and a glucometer is the right device for it. As I said before, a glucometer is a crucial component in home blood glucose monitoring.

It’s a product that you need, and it is going to help you with what you need to improve or what you need to leave to get better. You can read in detail here.

How to use a Glucometer?

Different products and different brands have different use methods. Therefore I would suggest you read this article to learn how to use your device properly.

How accurate Blood Glucose Meters are?

According to the FDA regulations, the accuracy of the blood glucometers for home use should be

  • 95% of values must be within +/-12% for blood sugars below or above 75 mg/dL.
  • 98% within +/- 15%

Which Glucometer is Best and gives an accurate result?

All glucometers on our list are the best glucometers, and they give an accurate result. You can choose the best glucometer for you according to your needs from the list above.

Also, See, The Best Glucometers with Cheapest Strips in India to find a Glucometer that fits your budget.

Over to you

So here was my list of Best Glucometers in India. You can choose and buy the best glucometer for you or your loved ones. It will surely help you manage your diabetes with comfort.

I hope you found the right product that you were looking for. Let me know if this article was helpful. Also, don’t forget to tell me about your experience with the product you bought.

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