Best Wrist BP Monitors in India with Buyer’s Guide

With the progress in technology and innovation, the sizes of the machines are gradually reducing for convenience. So is the case with the upper arm BP monitor.

5 Best Wrist BP Monitor in India with Buyers Guide

Nowadays, wrist BP monitors are quite popular because of its convenient sizes while offering all arm BP monitors’ features.

So, if you are also thinking of having one for yourself, don’t look anymore!

We have listed out the Best Wrist BP Monitors in India to make your choices easier. Check this article to find out which BP monitor meets your requirements.

5 Best Wrist BP Monitors in India

Omron HEM 6232T

Best Wrist BP Monitor in India - Omron HEM 6232TThis monitor is loaded with all the beneficial features that any upper arm BP monitor can have but in a convenient size. The best part of Omron HEM 6232T is that it is a two-user wrist monitor. That means two people can measure their blood pressure and store their readings for future analysis.

Another contrasting feature of this monitor is it gives you an average of 2-3 readings taken within 10 minutes. Thus, for better accuracy, you don’t have to calculate the mean of the readings manually.

Along with the brand’s promise of accuracy, this monitor also has many indicators that make the self-monitorization process easier. One of them is the body movement indicator, which is much needed to make your BP reading precise. It alerts you if the sensor detects any body movement during measurement, and you can take another test for better accuracy.

It also has a hypertension indicator that alerts you if your BP is above the standard healthy range. Moreover, it also has a morning average indicator that lets you know if you have high systolic or diastolic reading continuously over a week.

This monitor also has an irregular heartbeat indicator that alerts when your pulse rate during measurement varies more than 25% of the average heartbeat rate. In such cases, there is a probability of getting inaccurate readings. So, you can retake the test.

It also has a cuff wrap guide indicator, which will let you know if your wrist cuff is too tight or too loose. In case you have put the cuff correctly, an “ok” symbol will be displayed on the monitor.

Another beneficial indicator present in this monitor is a position sensor. As we know, the correct posture during measurement highly affects the reading. This sensor lets you know when the monitor reaches the right height, helping the user adopt the proper posture quickly.

Moreover, Omron HEM 6232T has IntelliSense Technology that lets the cuff inflates according to the user’s comfort without any pre-setting.

This monitor has a memory of 200 readings, 100 readings per user. But after the storage of 100 readings, the older data starts erasing to make space for new measurements. However, you can transfer all the old readings to your phone via the Omron Connect app. Moreover, this app helps you to analyse your overall data through graphs and trends.

This monitor runs on two batteries.

  • IntelliSense Technology
  • Body movement indicator
  • Morning average indicator
  • Irregular heartbeat indicator
  • Position sensor indicator
  • Hypertension indicator
  • Cuff wrap guide indicator
  • Can connect to Omron Connect
  • Two-user monitor
  • 200 memory storage
  • Can perform an average of 2-3 readings
  • Nothing to mention

Omron HEM 6161

Omron HEM 6161 - Wrist BP MonitorLike the upper arm BP monitor, Omron HEM 6161 works on the principle of the oscillometric method to measure blood pressure, which ensures maximum preciseness. Moreover, the manufacturer also promises an accuracy of ±3 mmHg in blood pressure and ±5% in heartbeat rate.

This monitor has a measurable systolic range of 60 to 260 mmHg and a diastolic range of 40 to 215 mmHg. And it has a heartbeat measurement range of 40 to 180 beats per min.

Omron HEM 6161 is user-friendly as it has a large screen that displays the reading in large icons. Moreover, the manufacturers have a quick pictorial guide in the plastic case and the cuff material. This is to make sure the user follows the correct hand posture and process during measurement.

Besides, the cuff material is smooth and has a circumference of 13.5 cm to 21.5 cm.

It also has some indicators installed that helps the user with better analysis.

One of them is a body movement indicator. As any motion of the body can affect the blood pressure reading, this indicator is handy. It signals you if you have made a slight movement that has affected the analysis.

Another indicator this monitor has is a cuff wrap guide indicator that signals you if your cuff is too tight or loose. An “ok” symbol will be highlighted on the display if you have put on your cuff correctly.

It also has an irregular heartbeat indicator that alerts you if you have too high or too low pulse rate during measurement. The sensor displays a heart symbol when your heartbeat rate is more or less by 25% from the average. Furthermore, no result will be displayed if your irregularity in the heartbeat has disturbed the analysis.

This monitor can store up to 30 readings, which helps you to analyse your blood pressure over time.

Like all other wrist BP monitors, this Omron model also has a compact size with lightweight. So, you can measure your blood pressure anywhere and at any time with ease.

But this monitor is devoid of hypertension indicator, so you must watch out in which range your pressure lies. Moreover, you cannot set the date and time on this monitor. So, during the analysis of the previous data, you will only have readings.

The manufacturer has warned that this product is highly not suitable for diabetic patients in the user guide.

  • Have irregular heartbeat detector
  • Have cuff wrap detector
  • One-touch operation
  • Can store 30 readings
  • Compact and convenient size
  • Not at all suitable for diabetic patient
  • Cannot set date or time
  • Doesn’t have hypertension indicator

Beurer BC 30

Beurer BC 30 Blood Pressure MonitorThis monitor is designed to fulfill all the requirements one may need during self monitorization process. The monitor is fully automatic, i.e., the cuff inflates and deflates, and a result is displayed on the screen by one button press.

Like all other BP monitors, it also shows you the pulse rate along with the blood pressure reading. Moreover, the monitor will alert you if you have irregular heart rhythm during the measurement. Thus this indicator acts as an arrhythmia detector.

The monitor has a large display screen that shows the readings in large icons for easy readability. Moreover, after the usage, the monitor gets automatically switches off without your help. So, this monitor is relatively user-friendly.

Besides, this monitor’s wrist arm cuff is relatively smooth and has a circumference of 13.5 to 19.5 cm.

Beurer BC 30 also has WHO indicators that will tell you which range your blood pressure lies. It will indicate the green zone if you have healthy blood pressure, yellow zone if you have light hypertension. Furthermore, if your blood pressure reaches the red zone, it means you have middle to severe hypertension and need to consult a doctor.

As the experts suggest, we must take 2-3 readings to calculate the mean value for better accuracy. With Beurer BC 30, you can leave the job for the monitor. It is designed to give you an average of 3 last measurement.

This type of BP monitors is very much position and procedure sensitive. A little mistake can give you incorrect results. Therefore, this monitor is fitted with a sensor that will provide you with the wrong usage message in such cases.

Moreover, you can set the date and time on the monitor. So, your measurement reading will be displayed will all the information.

Furthermore, it also has a low battery indicator, so you don’t have to worry about sudden battery dead in the middle of the assessment.

This monitor is suitable for two user purposes. So, before starting with the analysis process, you must select your profile. And for future analysis, it can store 60 measurement data per user, which means it can memorise a total of 120 readings.

Beurer BC 30 requires two 1.5 V AAA batteries to work.

  • Fully automatic
  • Automatic switches off
  • Have WHO indicator
  • Two user monitor
  • Can store 120 readings
  • Arrhythmia detector
  • Incorrect usage message
  • Gives an average of last three measurement
  • Can set date and time
  • Doesn’t have a position sensor

Rossmax S150

Rossmax S150 Wrist BP MachineThere are very few monitors in the market that offers the right blend of functions and accuracy. Rossmax S150 wrist BP Monitor is one of them.

It uses oscillometric technology to measure blood pressure, detecting the weakest vibration in your blood vessels. Thus, such types of monitors can give more accurate pressure readings, provided you have placed the cuff properly.

The Rossmax S150 uses the SmartSense technology that is a kind of improved automatic deflation system. It makes changes in the cuff during the deflation process, and it senses the slightest change in blood pressure, which means more accurate results.

Moreover, for the average of the readings, you can leave it to Rossmax S150. You can see the mean value of your last readings. It improves the accuracy in the blood pressure measurement and credibility of the results.

The user-friendly interface makes it easy to use this BP Monitor even for new users. It has power and memory buttons to test your blood pressure and check your previous readings quickly.

This BP Monitor can store 90 of your previous readings, so you should be able to track your results. To get a better consultation, you can also share them with your doctor and make the right decision for your good health.

The wrist cuff of this monitor is made in ergonomic, cone-shaped design from latex-free material. This helps to promote the BP measurement much more comfortable and convenient.

The WHO Hypertension indicator is one of the reasons you should think about buying this BP Monitor. It tells you if your blood pressure is above the normal levels.

There are some near-perfect BP Monitors that contain all the qualities of being the best wrist BP monitor in India, but there is always a chance of getting the wrong result because of errors.

The body movement and irregular heartbeat can affect your blood pressure readings. There remains a high chance of getting higher results than the actual one. This monitor is also loaded with a body movement indicator, which lets you know if you have made any movement during the analysis. It also has an irregular heartbeat indicator, which alerts you when you have a higher or lower pulse rate than the average. Therefore, both of these features help to improve accuracy and provide correct results.

This BP Monitor runs on two AAA batteries, and it has an auto switch-off feature that saves energy. It comes with a two-year warranty.

  • SmartSense technology
  • Affordable
  • WHO indicator
  • Irregular heartbeat detector
  • Body movement indicator
  • Can store 90 readings
  • Fewer errors
  • Compact Design
  • Amazing accuracy
  • Poor customer service
  • Can’t be used by two user
  • Can’t set date and time

Beurer BC28

Beurer BC 28 Wrist BP MonitorBeurer is one of Europe’s most trusted brands that uses German technology to make its products unique.

This monitor is straightforward to use. You can measure your blood pressure with the touch of a button within 1 minute. Besides, this monitor also has an automatic off button to enhance user-friendliness.

Furthermore, Beurer BC28 is loaded with few indicators, making daily blood pressure measurement a much more straightforward job. It has an arrhythmia detector that notifies the user if he/she has an irregular pulse rate.

It also has a WHO indicator on the side of the monitor. After the measurement, an arrow will point out either green, yellow, or red zone. This indicator’s function is to let you know whether you have healthy blood pressure or mild hypertension or severe hypertension, respectively.
The wrist unit is very much sensitive to the height and process. So, Beurer BC28 is designed to alert the users with messages in case of the wrong usage.

It also has a low battery indicator. So, you can store a new set of batteries in advance to prevent sudden turn-off of the monitor.

If we talk about the wrist cuff, it is made from soft and durable material with velcro closure. To make the cuff more comfortable, you can adjust the strap that varies from 14 to 19.5 cm. Once this cuff gets appropriately fitted, you can measure your blood pressure accurately.

The monitor also easy-to-read LCD screen, which shows the readings and other details clearly. Furthermore, you can also set the date and time on this monitor. This ensures that people from all age groups can use it.

Moreover, after the measurements, you don’t have to do the average on your own to obtain preciseness. The monitor can work out the mean value of all the morning and the evening blood pressure readings over the past seven days. Moreover, it can also calculate the average of all the stored measurements. So, Beurer BC28 also makes the analysis process a lot easier.

The best part of this monitor is two individuals can use it. It has memory storage of 60 readings per user, which makes a total of 120 data storage.

The manufacturers offer a 5-year warranty for this monitor.

  • Arrhythmia detector
  • WHO indicator
  • Automatic switch-off
  • Large LCD scream
  • Low battery indicator
  • Can give an average of all data
  • Can do mean of 7 days readings
  • Two-users monitors
  • Can store 120 readings
  • Nothing to mention

What to look for before buying a Wrist BP Monitor? – Buyers Guide

Buying the best product at the best price requires you to gather some knowledge about the product. While most of the wrist BP monitors have few standard features, few brands have installed some unique features to make their products different. So, we have jotted down some essential features which can make your product more user-friendly and convenient.


The first and foremost requirement for wrist blood pressure monitors is its accuracy. Most of the brands like Omron promise to provide as much accuracy as the upper arm monitors. But due to various reasons like distance from the heart, narrowing of blood vessels, fewer vessels number, etc., there always remains some points difference.

So, whenever you buy a wrist BP monitor, make sure to check its accuracy.

But if you are concerned about the unavoidable point difference, you can do one thing to get better accuracy. Measure your wrist BP monitor against some professional BP monitors a few numbers of times. You will then get some idea about that point difference. So, you can add or minus out those numbers each time you self-monitor.

Cuff size

A proper fitting of the cuff size is another important factor for accuracy.

With wrist cuffs, the fitting should not be a problem. It is because human wrist circumference varies less, and the wrist cuff comes with an adjustable strap.

But to make sure you get a proper fitting, measure your wrist with tape and compare it with the cuff circumference. If the measured size falls under the cuff circumference range, you can adjust the strap for better fitting.


An easy-to-use machine is so much desirable when we need to use it daily. Most of the wrist monitors come with one-touch controls. It means with just a press of a button; the cuff inflates and deflates to measure and display the readings without further commands. This makes the operation much more comfortable. Moreover, some brands like Beurer offer automatic-off of the monitor after usage.

And as for readability, all most of the wrist BP monitors on our list have standard display sizes with large icons.

So, as mentioned above, all the monitors can be easily operated with ease by people from all age groups.

Memory storage

The previous readings are very much crucial for analysis and doctor consultation. But jotting it down manually with all the information and in order is not a simple task. Therefore, few monitors offer the storage of the previous readings in their memories. The numbers of storage, though, varies. But more the number of data, the better will be the analysis. So, before narrowing down a purchasing decision, do consider this feature.

Two user monitor

It is a much-needed feature when someone in your family also has hypertension. Yes, with a single user monitor, you can check the BP separately for two-person, and it will give you the same result. But having a two-user monitor is helpful when you store the data in the BP monitor for future analysis. So, there is no chance of mixing up the previous readings of two individuals. And this will help you to do your analysis easily.

Irregular heartbeat indicator/ Arrhythmia detector

There is a high chance of getting increased BP if you have an irregular pulse rate during measurement, ultimately leading to the wrong measure. So, to solve this problem, most brands use this indicator to let their user know about the irregularity. Thus in such cases retaking the test will get you a better result.

Body movement indicator

Slight movement during the self-monitorization can give you higher reading than average. Therefore, this indicator’s job is to notify you in such situations and suggest you retake the test.

Hypertension indicator

This indicator’s function is to alert you if your measured BP is higher than the standard healthy range. With this indicator, your high readings will never get overlooked.

WHO indicator

It is somewhat similar to the hypertension indicator. The function of this indicator to point out in which range your blood pressure lies. The arrow will point out to green zone if you have healthy BP and a yellow area if you have mild hypertension. And lastly, the red zone region will be indicated for medium to severe hypertension, which needs an immediate consultation with a physician.

Data averaging

Home BP Monitors are not as accurate as Sphygmomanometer; the experts suggest taking an average of 2-3 readings to get more accurate results. But when we need to do this job physically, some of us may back out. A few monitors have this feature, which readily offers you the average of the last 2-3 readings.

Some monitors like Beurer BC28 also offer you a seven-day average, which can help you better analyse your BP. So, it is better to look for this feature in your choice.

Other features

The above section has all the essential features to make your wrist BP monitor “one of the best choices”. But we always crave for something more to make our choices handier. This section has included those additional features that can make your wrist BP monitors more convenient to use.

Position sensor

It is a much-needed feature as the accuracy of the wrist BP monitor’s readings is very much position-sensitive. Thus, this sensor’s function is to let you know or start the measurement when your hand reaches the best position for accuracy. Omron monitors have this feature to make the measurement convenient.

Cuff wrap guide indicator

As mentioned earlier, cuff fitting is essential for obtaining accuracy. This indicator alerts you if your cuff is too tight or loose. It also lets you know if you have worn your cuff correctly. In our list, Omron monitors offer you this feature.

Bluetooth connectivity

Want to store more reading than your monitor can hold, look for monitors with Bluetooth connectivity. Few monitors can wirelessly connect to your smartphone via Bluetooth to store more data for better analysis. The brand Omron, in our list, offers you this feature.

Date and time setting

This feature is useful when you see the previous readings stored on the monitor. This helps you to do a better analysis.

Battery indicator

All the wrist monitors are designed to use batteries to function. This indicator’s job is to tell you how much battery is left, just like a phone battery indicator. Hence, you don’t have to worry about sudden battery dead in the middle of the measurement.

Warranty and price

Everyone has some fixed budget to take care of, so the price is always a factor to consider. Moreover, the wrist BP monitor comes in a vast range of prices. So, we should always have a target of having the right monitor with the best feature at the lowest price.

Warranty becomes essential when you buy something expensive. Of course, you don’t want to throw your monitor away within 1 to 2 years due to some mechanical failure. So, if your monitor falls under the warranty period, you can replace it without any additional cost.


While not all the wrist BP monitors are the same, they have some standard features like compact size, few indicators, and portability. These features make the wrist BP Monitors quite demandable by all age groups.

But the only down part is its accuracy. If accuracy is your priority, then check out Best Upper Arm BP Monitors in India. Though this can be adjusted for the other patients suffering from hypertension, they should be strictly avoided by diabetic people.

Other than that, these BP monitor offers all the features of an upper arm monitor with a reduced size, making it travel-friendly. Moreover, these monitors come at an affordable price. So, why go for something large when we can buy compact monitors to measure BP anywhere and anytime.

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