Contour Plus One Glucometer Review – Is it Worth Buying?

A glucometer can be a convenient machine if you have diabetes. Along with medications, a healthy diet, and regular exercise, your physicians will advise you to check your sugar level quite a few times a day.

Sometimes, you may need to check it ten times a day when you start new medicines or exercises.

A glucometer at home can be helpful and can give you instant results with the minimum pain. But which will be the right glucometer for you?

This is an article on Contour Plus One Glucometer Review, it is one of the Best Glucometers in India.

Check this out to know how this glucometer can be the right choice for you.

Why choose this brand?

Contour Plus One is well-known for its accuracy and user-friendliness.

Moreover, this brand has a smart app called Contour Diabetes that smoothly and continuously allows you to store all your blood sugar readings and manage them smartly.

So, Contour Plus One Glucometer and Contour Diabetes App together make diabetic management a lot simpler.

Contour Plus One Glucometer Review

Contour Plus One Glucometer ReviewContour Plus One Glucometer is one of the most accurate glucometers available on the market. It meets the prescribed accuracy criteria of the ISO 15197: 2013 for clinical settings and laboratory conditions. With this feature, this glucometer perfect for regular home applications. Furthermore, due to its accuracy, these glucometers are preferred by the healthcare provider for clinical purposes.

With Contour Plus One, you can be confident about your result in the very first attempt. You will not be required to take the test a second time to find out the average. Thus, it not only save your time and extra hassle but also prevents wasting of stripes.

Sometimes, we fail to put enough blood on the strip for testing and need a new strip to take the retest. But with Contour Plus One, that is not the case as it offers the feature of sip-in sampling. That means it allows you to add more blood to the same test strip if your first sample is not enough. This makes sure that you don’t have to waste a strip for such occasions.

In case you need to take a second test for someone else, you can do so just after 1 minute of the first attempt. This means this glucometer saves your time when you have more than one test in your hand.

Moreover, along with accuracy, this glucometer also offers you fast results. Put the blood on the strip, make a countdown till five, and you will get your result. This time-saving matters when you have to take the test more than one time a day.

Another user-friendly feature is it’s easy to read results. The recorded test result shown on the digital screen is large enough so that even the older adults can read them with ease. Moreover, to increase its readability, the manufacturer has designed the screen black with white colour digits popping up.

Contour Plus One also has a smart light feature that makes the device more user-friendly. It has colour indicators (green, yellow, and red) that show your result’s range. This alerts the user when they have critically high or low blood glucose levels.

As told before, sometimes, the patients need to take quite a few tests per day to ensure their blood sugar level is under control. But when it comes to noting each result with the specific time and type, it becomes tedious.

To solve this problem, Contour Plus One has developed its application called Contour Diabetes, which is readily available in the play store. This app allows you to store your recorded data with specifications and manage them seamlessly.

Download Contour Diabetes for Android and Apple IOS.

Furthermore, you don’t have to note down each reading to your phone manually. For this purpose, the glucometer has the blue tooth connectivity feature that connects your smartphone to the device. While you switch on the glucometer and take a test, the results get automatically uploaded to your phone, and you need to select the specifications like before a meal, after dinner, etc. and save it.

Moreover, the glucometer has a Bluetooth connectivity signal at the side, which lits up when your phone gets connected. This makes sure that you never missout to connect your phone by mistake before taking your test.

In case you have the habit of forgetting things, you can set a reminder about your next test timings or next doctor’s appointment in this app. Additionally, it allows you to connect to the database results, enabling you to record the result of measuring blood sugar permanently. And as for the storage, this app keeps a memory of 800 results at a time.

Furthermore, if you are a travel person, this glucometer kit can be handy as it weighs only 290 grams and can be easily adjusted in one side of your luggage. Moreover, this glucometer kit comes with a small bag with different spacings for the monitor’s storage, lancet device, test strips, and lancet needles. This gives the kit a compact shape.

The lancet device is also effortless to load, and it gives a click sound to ensure it is correctly installed. Moreover, the deceive has a setting from 1 to 5 according to the degree of pinching. Setting one will make the least cut in the skin while setting five will make the maximum. You can select according to your wish.

The monitor needs a CR2 battery to run. It cannot be recharged for use.

The items included during delivery are :

  • Contour Plus One Glucometer
  • One CR2 battery
  • A lancet device
  • Five lancet needles
  • 25 test strips
  • Accurate readings
  • Colour indicators for ranges
  • Has Bluetooth connectivity
  • Can store up to 800 readings
  • User-friendly screen features
  • Have mobile software to analyze data
  • Value for money
  • Portable
  • Comes with a kit bag
  • Have only five lancet needle
  • Expensive test strips and lancet needle
  • Not rechargeable
  • Need to register to get a lifetime warranty

CHECK PRICE – Contour Plus One Glucometer

How to use Contour Plus One Glucometer?

The Contour Plus One monitor is straightforward to use. Here we have noted down the stepwise guide for its usage :

  1. Turn on the Bluetooth of your Android set so that the glucometer gets connected to it.
  2. Open the cap of the lancet device and insert the needle in the opening. You will hear a click sound, which indicates its proper attachment.
  3. Twist open the lancet needle tip cap, put back the lancet cap, and lock it with another click sound.
  4. Select the setting between 1 to 5 on the lancet device. It is suggested to keep the settings at 4.
  5. Make the lancet ready to use, pull the end part, and leave it (works like a trigger).
  6. Switch on the monitor, and you will see the Bluetooth signal, which indicates that it is already mapped with your mobile device.
  7. Clean the fingertip (from which you want to take blood) with the help of a spirit and cotton. It is a safety measure to avoid any infection of the cut area. Make sure to dry the fingertip with another piece of cotton.
  8. Take out a test strip and put the silver magnet part inside the opening of the glucometer.
  9. Now, prick your fingertip with the lancet and squeeze a little amount of blood.
  10. Touch the tip of the test strip to the blood.
  11. After 5 seconds, the result will be displayed on the monitor with a sound. At the same time, the reading gets reflected on the phone screen.
  12. Select the specifications and save the result.

Safety Tip – Re-using Lancet Needle is unsafe and should be discarded after every use.

Key Takeaways

The Contour Plus One Blood Glucometer has a lot of user-friendly features and is very simple to use. The most prominent part of this glucometer is its accuracy, so most users prefer this monitor. The feature of fast result and easy to read display screen also makes it more suitable for all age groups. Moreover, its compact size makes it a portable monitor. All these features make Contour Plus One Glucometer as #1 choice for the Best Glucometers in India.

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