Dr Trust iCheck AFIB BP Monitor Review

Many people are dealing with the problem of high blood pressure; most of them use a BP Monitor to manage it. The BP Monitor is an essential tool for controlling the High Blood Pressure.

Now, for all those people who are just starting to use any Blood Pressure Monitor, it is quite confusing to choose a perfect one for themselves.

To solve this problem, we are here with our DR Trust BP Monitor Review to tell you all the details about this BP Monitor.

So please read the full article to learn about all the features and their use for you. If you want to see some more options, you can find The Best BP Monitors in India here.

DR Trust BP Monitor Review

DR Trust is a leading brand in the health devices manufacturing industry. They make all kinds of health devices, and they have a big hand in the BP Monitors market.

All of their products are CE and FDA approved so you can place your trust in their hands without a thought. They have several models for your different needs that are equipped with some amazingly useful features.

For this review, we have chosen the DR Trust iCheck AFIB BP Monitor. This BP Monitor is one of the most accurate BP Monitors in India.

So let’s talk about some specifications and features of this BP Monitors.

DR Trust iCheck AFIB

dr tust icheck afib reviewedThis digital BP Monitor uses oscillometric technology to measure your Blood Pressure. It has a wide cuff that can be quickly wrapped around the upper arm to test blood pressure. The cuff is washable, so no need to use a dirty cuff anymore.

It shows your systolic and diastolic blood pressure along with your heartbeat.

The large screen is easy to read; it especially helps the older people who have a problem reading small texts. The date and time are also displayed with the user identity.

The most amazing thing about this DR Trust BP Monitor is the ability to detect Arterial Fibrillation early. Arterial Fibrillation or AF can be very dangerous as it can lead to blood clots, heart failure, and stroke.

This BP Monitor can detect AF while measuring your blood pressure and inform you of any problems. If there is a problem, you can contact your doctor and take the necessary steps to prevent any complications.

You have the option to choose between two modes that have different benefits attached to them. You can choose the standard mode for normal Blood Pressure testing, which will show you fast results.

You can also choose the AFib mode, which is a two-measurement system. It means this BP Monitor can take two measurements at once and show you the average result form both measurements to give you the most accurate result.

This AFib mode promises the best accuracy possible, so you always have the right idea about your blood pressure.

The MDI or Measurement During Inflation, technology ensures painless and fast testing. This feature will make your blood pressure testing more comfortable and easier.

The FDA verifies the DR Trust BP Monitor, and it also follows the WHO regulations. It comes with a WHO indicator that will help you make sense of your Blood Pressure reading.

The WHO indicator comes in three colors- green is for normal, yellow indicates hypertension, and red is for high hypertension.

This DR Trust BP Monitor works with four AAA batteries and also has a USB port so you can use your smartphone adaptor. The USB cable can also be used for data transmission.

All BP Monitors have errors but not this one as it has so many other features like irregular heartbeat detection system arm movement detection.

The Cuff check indicator, along with other features mentioned above, prevents errors and provides the most accurate results.

It can be used by two users simultaneously and also store 120 readings of both users. It will help you keep a record of your blood pressure readings so you can consult with your doctor and make changes according to it.

In our opinion, this BP Monitor has all the qualities to be used by you. All of the features and the excellent accuracy make this DR Trust BP Monitor the perfect choice for you.

This DR Trust BP Monitor comes with a five-year extended warranty so if somehow you have a problem the company can help you with it.

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  • Arterial Fibrillation Detection
  • Two Measurement System
  • Easy to use interface
  • Compact and light design
  • Fair Price
  • No backlight in Display
  • No talking Feature
  • Need to write a Review for Extended Warranty

Over To You

I know it can be a challenge to choose the best product for you especially if there are so many good options in the market.

Our job is to explain the details and features of any product so you can make the best judgment based on it. I hope by our DR Trust BP Monitor Review, you will be able to make a decision that is good for your health.

Let us know if this article is helpful, and don’t be shy to share your thoughts about this BP Monitor. If you have any questions about the product, let me know in the comment section, I’ll be happy to answer them.

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