Dr Trust Fully Automatic Glucometer Review – Is it the Best Glucometer?

Diabetes needs to be put under control before it can take the shape of life-risking threat. So, along with healthy exercise and diets and the proper medications prescribed by your physician, you must regularly track down your blood glucose level.

In such cases, owing a personal glucometer can be convenient. You can check your blood sugar level by sitting in the comfort of your home.

But are you confused about which glucometer will be the right one?

We have the answer – Dr Trust Fully Automatic Glucometer.

Here in this article, we have reviewed Dr Trust Fully Automatic Glucometer Machine in detail. Check this article to know what extra features make this glucometer the right choice for you.

Why choose Dr Trust?

As the brand says, its medical devices and health monitors can be used by everyone, irrespective of age. This brand adds extra innovative features to its product, making it unique from similar products available in the market. Dr Trust doesn’t compromise in the product quality and strives to improve it for users’ convenience. Moreover, their product designs are backed by pioneering technology.

Dr Trust Fully Automatic Glucometer Review

Dr Trust Fully Automatic Glucometer ReviewLets first talk about its accuracy. Dr Trust Glucometer uses innovative technology to offer a highly accurate result. The test strips of Dr Trust are based on FAD-dependent glucose dehydrogenase (GDH-FAD) enzymes. This technology prevents blood oxygen variations. These clinically tested enzymes avoid galactose and maltose interference in the blood samples resulting in precise testing. Moreover, these GDH-FAD test strips also allow applying a blood sample from arteries, veins, and capillaries.

Besides self-monitoring at home, this glucometer is also used in hospitals, clinics, and emergency rooms because of its accuracy. Moreover, Dr Trust Glucomter is FDA (Food and Drug Administration), and CA approved, so it is safe to use them in such professional areas.

Earlier, blood glucometer required two-point coding before the test, making the home test a challenging process. Sometimes, the wrong calibration also gave inaccurate test results. But Dr Trust Blood Glucometer is fully automatic, i.e., you don’t need to enter code each time you start using a new box of a test strip. This reduces the chances of inaccurate results for any errors and makes the sugar test a straightforward process at home.

Moreover, besides accuracy, this glucometer has many user-friendly features, making it a preferable and trusted brand. This glucometer is installed with some indicators that help interpret the reading easily and show other risk threats. One of them is the ketone indicator.

Our body produced ketones when the cell lacks enough glucose. Excess of ketones in the body can lead to diabetic ketoacidosis (DKA), a diabetes complication that can lead to a coma or even death. Keeping that in mind, the manufacturer has also installed a Ketone indicator in the glucometer. While showing the sugar test result, this indicator indicates that your blood’s ketone level is out of balance, saving you from risk threat. The indicator will let you know if your ketone level reaches over 15mol/L.

Another indicator that this glucometer has a unique smiley face. It shows a happy face if you have healthy blood sugar levels and show a sad face if your blood sugar level is low or high.

This glucometer has three sets of modes referring to the time of the day when you take the test. By default, the mode is set to General Mode to take blood glucose measurements at any time of the day. You can adjust the AC mode to measure in the early morning on an empty stomach or PC Mode to take readings after a meal.

As for the readability, this glucometer has a black LCD screen, which displays the result digits in extra-large sizes. So, it can be used during night time also. Moreover, it also illuminates the spot where you need to insert the test strips.

The test strips are affordable therefore this product is in our list of Best Glucometers with Affordable Test Strips.

Furthermore, the reading measurement is displayed in two units – Mg/dL or mmol/L. You can choose your unit of measure according to your preference.

Sometimes, you may need to test your blood sugar level twice or thrice each day of a week. It mostly happens when your doctor prescribes a new set of medications or exercises. Thus, pricking the fingertip so many times can be a little painful for a few people. So, Dr Trust gives you the facility of alternate site testing. Besides the finger, you can also collect a blood sample from the upper arm, forearm, etc. It will give the same accuracy in the result as in the former one. Moreover, it requires a little small amount of blood (0.5 µL) for showing the result, which makes the testing less painful.

As told before, this glucometer is very easy to use and has a quick testing time. It shows the test result just after 5 seconds. You can also set the date and time in the glucometer, displayed along with the result, and save in the memory. Moreover, if you use this glucometer personally, you can also set the gender option.

And if you need a reminder for the next blood glucose test, you can set the alarm in this glucometer to remind you.

Moreover, this glucometer from Dr Trust is designed to store 1000 most recent blood glucose results along with the respective dates and times in its memory. It helps you to analyse your glucose level for a specific amount of time. Furthermore, this glucometer gives you a day average, which makes your analysis precise. Moreover, the manufacturer delivers a notebook if you want to store more than 1000 readings. You can manually note down the results along with the date and time.

Additionally, this glucometer has a convenient one-push strip ejection button. This allows you to dispose of the used test strip without touching it, thus minimising contagion risk.

As for the lancet, after you install it with a lancet needle and pull the cocking control, the release button will show colour change along with a click sound. It indicates that the lancet is ready for use. Moreover, you can select the depth of penetration by turning the adjustable tip.

This monitor runs on batteries and requires a CR2 battery to operate, which remains included in the package during delivery. The manufacturer offers a 1-year warranty for Dr Trust Glucometer. It can be extended by six months if registered with 15 days of invoice. This is helpful in case you have accidentally damaged your glucometer.

The manufacturer gives the product a compact size and puts them in a carry case, which helps keep the things together.

With all these things, this product made its place in our list of best glucometers in India.

Dr Trust Glucometer is a lightweight product (299 g only), which makes it portable. So if you have to travel, you can take it anywhere along with you.

The items included during delivery are:

  • Monitor
  • 60 Testing strips
  • 60 Lancets needles
  • 2 AAA batteries
  • 1 Lancing device
  • 1 Carry case
  • 1 Notebook
  • 1 Digital thermometer (free)
  • User-manual
  • Uses latest GDH-FAD strip enzyme technology
  • Ketone warning
  • Unique smiley indicator
  • Allows alternate site testing
  • Quick result
  • Value for money product
  • Have 60 test strips and lancets
  • 1000 result memory
  • Offers day average
  • Strip ejection disposal
  • Nothing Worth Mentioning

CHECK PRICE – Dr Trust Fully Automatic Glucometer

Over to you

The Dr Trust Fully Automatic Blood Glucometer is very accurate and straightforward to use. Its user-friendly features make it preferable for home blood glucose tests. Few extra features like alternate site testing, strip ejection disposal, smiley, and ketone indicator, etc. make this product unique and useful.

Apart from that, this glucometer comes with 60 test strips and 60 lancet needles, which is enough stock for almost two months. So, this product is a real value for the money.

If you are searching for the best glucometer for your daily use, look no more! Dr Trust Blood Glucometer can be the best choice for you.

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