How to use a Baby Scale – The Beginner’s Guide

Recently after having a baby, I came across a baby weighing scale that could accurately measure the weight of my baby. It’s not easy to have a regular weighing scale to measure a baby’s weight, or visiting a clinic frequently to have a check on your baby’s growth.

That’s when I decided to check Amazon and get one! Trust me; it’s one of the best purchases I have made so far!

A Baby Scale is a weighing machine specially designed for babies and infants. Baby weighing scales are now one of the must-have items if you are planning to have a baby, or if you have had one recently.

These scales are so convenient to use and measure your baby’s weight regularly. Doing so will help you monitor your baby’s growth and development. You can have your physician visit at the convenience of your home to assess your baby’s health and growth, and go to the clinic only when required.

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This scale has tremendously reduced the number of times I’d go to the clinic to check my baby’s weight. Not only that, I don’t have to pay any extra charges to the physician every time I visit the clinic!

baby scale

My life has been made easier and stress-free without worrying about my child’s health!

Do you also want to know more about the baby scale? Do you plan on buying one?

Now in this post, I will explain how you can use a baby weighing scale, about buying a baby scale and certain features you must look for in a baby scale.

How to use a Baby Scale? – Step by Step Guide

As I told earlier, it is good to know your baby’s growth as it is a clear indicator of your baby’s health. Any health problems that can arise can easily be identified and prevented early on just by analysing your baby’s growth.

A lot of people have confusions (including me, before I had my hands on the baby weighing scale) about using a baby scale. Let me clear all your doubts so that you can handle it with ease.

Get yourself a baby scale:

There are plenty of retailers, online and offline selling baby scales at affordable prices. Check them out and find what suits the best for your budget and the features you want.

Make sure to buy a scale that reads accurately and has the best features that make it efficient.

If you do not want to spend so much on a baby scale, you can always find stores or medical stores having these scales on rent.

(Don’t forget to read the next section where I have mentioned the type of features you must look for before buying a baby scale.)

Set the scale to zero:

Before you get excited to weigh your baby, make sure that your scale reads zero. If you are using an analog baby scale, make sure the pointer does not read any other number than zero.

Also, it is suitable to weigh your baby without any clothes or blankets as it may reflect on the baby scale. If you choose otherwise, you can weigh your baby’s blanket while the scale shows zero press the ‘tare’ option to eliminate changes in the reading due to the quilt.

Place your baby on the scale:

Now, after following the above steps, place your baby flat on the weighing pan provided along with the scale. Almost all weighing pans have a hollow and sturdy surface to make sure your baby rests on it correctly. So, you don’t have to worry about holding your baby while measuring their weight.

Once again, I’d suggest placing your baby naked on the baby scale, to have the most accurate results.

Write down your readings:

Take a notebook and use it to record your readings of your baby’s weight. Noting down your readings would help you monitor your baby’s growth.

What to look for before buying a Baby Scale?

Let’s move on to the essential part of our article!

Now, what features can you look out for before you head out and purchase a new baby weighing scale?

Let me help you here!

  • Firstly, you can choose either analog or digital scales to weigh your baby. Digital scales are easier to read and accurate but come with an extra cost.
  • Make sure your scales meet international standards and have accuracy ratings.
  • Ensure that the weighing pans are sturdy and big enough to hold your baby. Go for the ones that have soft cushions for comfort.
  • If you want scales that can even measure the weight of your toddlers, go for the ones that can withstand more load.
  • Tare and hold buttons can help reduce any extra weight or disturbances arising while weighing your baby.
  • Check for other additional features that can keep track of your baby’s weight, connect over Wi-Fi to other apps if you want.

This list is just an essential checklist that can help you shop for your brand-new baby scale.

It is crucial that you also go through customer reviews, ask your friends and physicians for feedback to understand what suits your needs. Make sure you tell your dealer about any particular feature you are looking out for.

If you are still having trouble choosing the right kind of scale, let me make your life simple!

I have listed down the best available baby scales in the market based on several factors and features.

Click here for the best scales available in the market.

Over to you

Now, I think you must have realised the importance of having a baby scale at home. In the above sections, I have listed all the critical factors on buying a baby scale and using it. I hope this post has enlightened you with some information that you can benefit from while purchasing.

Do you also have more tips on using a baby scale? Or do you know any other brands that have good baby scales for a reasonable price?

Feel free to write some comments and feedbacks in the comment section below!

Also, keep watching this space for more updates on baby scales!

See you later, on another day, with another post!

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