How to use Bathroom Scales? Analog, Digital & Smart Scales

If you recently bought a new bathroom scale and wondering how to use it. No matter if you have an analog scale, a digital scale, or a smart scale, I got you covered.

I know you don’t have the time to read manuals about how to use your weighing scale.

So here I am going to tell you everything you need to know about how to use a bathroom scale.

How to use an Analog Weighing Scales

Using instructions

  • Put the Analog Weighing Scale on a hard surface.
  • Calibrate the scale.
  • Check the scale to see it’s on zero.
  • Step on it and let it calculate your weight.

Device management

  • Don’t allow it to be used by too many people cause the springs will start to loosen up.
  • Clean the scale from time to time.

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How to use a Digital Weighing Scales

Using instructions

  • Place the Digital Weighing Scale on a hard and level surface.
  • Switch it on, wait for it to show a constant zero.
  • Set the weight mode to kg, pounds or stone
  • Step on and step off of it once to calibrate the device.
  • Step on it and stand still for 3 seconds so that the digital weighing scale can measure your weight correctly.
  • Step off of the device and see the result. Most of the devices automatically turn off after 10 seconds of weighing.

Device management

  • Clean with a soft and dry piece of cloth. Don’t use any detergent, soap, or any cleaners. Don’t immerse the device in water.
  • Store the device in a low lightroom. Don’t put the machine where there is high or low temperature.
  • Keep the digital weighing scale away from humidity and moisture.
  • If the device is showing a low battery sign, change the batteries. Throw the batteries away with caution.
  • Don’t weight yourself if you are wet. Water can cause damage to the device.
  • Most of the digital weighing scales are for house use only. Don’t use it in hospitals, gym, or schools.
  • Remove the batteries if you don’t intend to use it for a long time. The batteries may drain or leak.


  • Keep it out of the reach of children.
  • Always check the weight range for your device before weighing.
  • Don’t try to repair, remodel, or dismantle the device on your own.
  • Put the batteries in the right direction into the device. Don’t use different types of batteries other than the manufacturer’s instructions.
  • Do not wash the device with water. Do not use benzene or thinner for cleaning of the scale.
  • Do not place the device on a mattress or carpet.
  • Do not use the scale on the slippery or wet floor.

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How to use Smart Weighing Scales

Getting the Smart Weighing Scale ready for usesmart weighing scale features

  • Remove any packaging, plastics, and other materials.
  • Set the batteries in the device to start the machine. Align the negative and positive side contact properly.
  • Start and calibrate the machine.
  • Connect the smart weighing scale to your phone through Bluetooth or wi-fi.
  • Set up a profile for you on your phone, including – name, age, sex, height, and other information.
  • Select the weight mode to kg, pounds, or stone.
  • Place the device on a hard and level surface for accurate results.

Using instructions

  • Step on to the smart weighing scale barefoot on the sensors.
  • Wait till the device is done, measuring your weight and compositions.
  • Step off of the device to see the result on the smart weighing scale or your phone.

Note- Different brands have different methods for connecting the device to the phone. Check out the user guide of your smart weighing scale for more information on syncing the device with the phone.

Device management

  • Don’t step on to the smart weighing scale with shoes on as the sensors will not work.
  • Clean your feet before stepping on to the smart weighing scale. Dirt on your feet can cause miscalculation or altered results.
  • Don’t use the device while you are wet. Water can cause damages to the sensor.
  • Clean the machine with a soft and clean piece of cloth. Don’t let dirt on the sensors.
  • Change the batteries when it needs to be.
  • Store in a clean and dry place.
  • It is for human use only. Don’t weight your pet’s compositions as the sensors will not work correctly.


  • Do not use the device if you have a pacemaker or any medical device inside your body. A smart weighing scale sends a harmless electrical signal through your body.
  • Don’t use the body fat feature if you are pregnant; Because the use of the BIA(Bio Impedance Analysis) with a pregnant woman is not tested. You can use it to measure your body weight.
  • Don’t let too many people use it.
  • The smart weighing scale is not a medical product. It is not intended to be used for clinical diagnosis.
  • If something is on the device for a long time, it will drain the batteries. Store the equipment carefully.
  • Avoid excessive impact on the device. Do not drop the device.

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Things to do for better accuracy

  • Step on to the sensors correctly.
  • Use it after 2 or 3 hours of taking a meal.
  • Use it every day at the same time for consistency.
  • Place it on a hard and level surface.
  • Use it with an empty bladder.
  • Stay normally hydrated when using.
  • Keep the sensors and your feet clean during the measurement.


1. Can’t connect to the phone or Can not receive data


  • The phone is too far from the device.
  • The app is not ready on the phone.

Solutions- Keep a close distance from the device during measurement. Keep the app running when you are connecting the device.

Restart the scale.

2. Nothing is showing on the screen.


  • The battery is inserted in the wrong direction
  • The battery is worn out.

Solution – Insert the battery in the right direction or change them.

3. Showing ‘Err’ or Measurement failure

Solutions Step barefoot on the smart weighing scale. Standstill until the scale is done calculating.

4. Changing the batteries

Most of the digital weighing scales use CR-2032 or AA batteries. They are easily available in the market.

Just open the battery compartment and place the batteries in the right direction.

Wrapping up

So these were the important things you needed to know before you use a weighing scale. I hope it was helpful to you.

If you need more detailed information about your weighing scale, read the user guide. Or contact your brand’s customer support.

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