Indian Baby Weight & Height Chart – 1 Month to 7 Years

Every parent wants the best for their child. However, raising a child can be overwhelming.

There are a lot of things which parents worry about, and some of them are health, safety issues, nutrition, self-esteem, education, as well as socialization.

In addition to all that, the majority of parents also worry about whether their baby is growing and developing in the way that they want or not!

Well, you’re not the only one who worries so much about the child. Almost every parent has the same issues and worries.

However, the only thing which you need the most is the proper guidance, and that’s what I’ll exactly do! Here we’ll make things easier for parents of any age and experience.

Indian baby weight chart

Every child is different, and they grow as well as develop differently by doing a variety of stuff.

Generally, children reach specific milestones in their life at the same time, so here we will discuss each of the significant milestones and what happens at that time.

But before moving further, we’ve compiled a Baby weight chart, which we have categorized in two different categories that are baby boy weight chart as well as baby girl weight chart.

So, let’s have a look at it:-

Indian Baby Girl Weight & Height Chart

WEIGHT (in Kgs.)
HEIGHT (in cms)
Birth 2.6KG 46.7cm
1 month – 2 months 4.3KG – 5.3KG 58cm – 56cm
3 months – 4 months 6KG – 6.6KG 60cm – 62cm
5 month – 6 month 7KG – 7.5KG 64cm – 66cm
7 month – 8 month 8KG – 8.2KG 68cm – 69cm
9 month – 10 month 8.5KG – 8.8KG 70cm – 72cm
11 month – 1 Year 9KG – 9.2KG 73cm – 74cm
2 Year – 3 Year 12KG – 14.2KG 85.5cm – 94cm
4 Year – 5 Year 15.5KG – 18KG 100cm – 107cm
6 Year – 7 Year 20KG – 22.5KG 116cm – 121cm
You can’t make trips to a clinic to check your baby’s weight at regular intervals, because it will be time-consuming, expensive, and can irritate the baby.

Therefore it is better to have a baby scale at home. If you don’t have one, you can check our list of Best Baby Scales in India.

Indian Baby Boy Weight & Height Chart

WEIGHT (in Kgs.)
HEIGHT (in cms)
Birth 2.6KG 47.1cm
1 month – 2 months 4.4KG – 5.6KG 55cm – 58cm
3 months – 4 months 6.4KG – 7KG 61cm – 64cm
5 month – 6 month 7.5KG – 8KG 66cm – 68cm
7 month – 8 month 8.3KG – 8.6KG 69cm – 71cm
9 month – 10 month 9KG – 9.3KG 72cm – 73cm
11 month – 1 Year 9.5KG – 9.7KG 75cm – 76cm
2 Year – 3 Year 12.5KG – 14KG 87cm – 95cm
4 Year – 5 Year 16.3KG – 18.5KG 102cm – 109cm
6 Year – 7 Year 20.6KG – 23KG 116cm – 122cm

Now, the child weight chart which we have discussed above gives you a clear idea about what exactly should be the normal weight of the baby.

Moving on, we will talk about the baby growth chart and development that takes place in kids from age 1month to 4 Years.

How does a child grow and develop in different Stages:-

Here we’ll discuss some developmental milestones for children of different ages.

Child Development: Birth to 3 Months

Well, newborn babies are so exciting and amazing, because every day you will see new changes and developments in them. Now, there are a lot of things that happen in the first 3-month baby weight as your child starts developing differently at their own pace.

The newborn babies start stretching and kicking, at different things like grasping your fingers and start responding to the loud noises. They begin to smile and visually track people and objects with their eyes. They prefer to look at faces and bright colors and listen to the sounds and start responding.

Bunch of things that develop:-

  1. Smile, track people and objects with eyes
  2. They look at brighter colors and faces.
  3. Discover hands and feet.
  4. Gurgle and coo.

Child Development: 4 to 6 Months

As your baby has been home for a few months, you’ll notice that your child tries to be socially active and has a purpose for every movement he/she make. They will start developing their hands as well as feet. Moreover, your child will start learning things that they can do, such as grading hair or holding a toy.

Further, the baby is likely to sleep for more extended periods, laughing more, squealing when she’s happy, blowing bubbles as well as becoming more social. The time when your baby is just six months, he/she will start busy exploring their surroundings and try to become more familiar as well as home.

Bunch of things that develop:-

  1. Smile and Laugh and imitate sounds.
  2. Start learning about their bodies, exploring hands and feet, and started thinking that they are a part of their body.
  3. Your baby can sit up.
  4. They can roll over, scoot as well as bounce.
  5. Start grasping things without using thumb, and will start putting things in the mouth.

Child Development: 7 to 12 Month

Now, as your baby is started moving around during this time, so they will not sit still for a long time. Your baby will start rolling over, crawling, standing, and a lot of cruising. They start testing his/her strength and try to pull himself up from the floor to stand against the sofa or coffee table.

Bunch of things that develop:-

  1. Your baby thinks that they are now a big kid.
  2. Love music, so you can either sing baby songs or play for them. Try to dance, and they will love it.
  3. Can say first words. They might not sound like much; however, they start vocalizing more and more.
  4. Like to explore, bang, and shake objects or throw them here and there.
  5. They can sit up by themselves and creep around.

Child Development: 1 to 2 Years

The 1 to 2 Year stage of your child is where your child becomes aware of her/his own behavior, as well as, people around them. They are eager to learn and start communicating through words and of course, the facial expressions.

They start learning and understanding that they are an entirely separate person from you. However, this might make them worry about the fact that you’ll leave them. Take time and enjoy and watch their power of observation while they are organizing the objects, characters as well as animals they come across.

Bunch of things that develop:-

  1. Your baby will be getting better at remembering, and they start thinking before they act.
  2. Baby will get to their feet using their hands to push up with, and by the age of 2, they can get up without using their hands.
  3. Your baby will probably be able to run without bumping into things and stop whenever they want.
  4. Try to read books and like to scribble.
  5. They love listening to stories, pretend games, and riding toys.

Child Development:- 2 to 3 Years

Well, skills such as taking turns, playing make-believe, kicking the ball are some of the things that your child develops when they are between age 2 to 3 years. Children reach milestones in how they play, learn, speak, behave as well as a move like jumping, running, or balancing.

This particular stage is also known as “Terrible Twos” as your child develops the desire to be independent. The development age of 2 to 3 Years can be an exciting time for parents and toddlers.

Bunch of things that develop:-

  1. By the age of 3 years, they can run fast and stop without falling over.
  2. They can name many objects and show they understand the words.
  3. You can play imagination games, such as pushing cars around, playing with dolls, or getting dressed up like ‘Mom’ or ‘Dad.’
  4. Your baby started learning to climb up and down the stairs.
  5. Usually, they can undress and can even able to put on some clothes.

Child Development: 3 Years to 4 Years

The 3 to 4 years old baby is moving out of babyhood to childhood. This particular stage is also known as preschool. Your child feels OK about spending time away from you. They have a fertile imagination now and loves to play games and physically active. However, your child might hesitate to try new things.

As your child grows into early childhood, their world will begin to open up. They become more independent and try to focus more on adults and children outside the family. Moreover, they want to explore and ask about the things around them even more and more and started interacting with people who have the same thinking about particular situations.

Bunch of things that develop:-

  1. Skills such as naming colors, showing affection, and hopping on one foot are some of the significant development comes in your child.
  2. They now have a sense of humor and love to laugh at the situations and repeat silly words.
  3. Your baby can now understand that their mind is separate from you, and you don’t know what they’re thinking.
  4. I can tell you how old they are and can spell out things correctly.
  5. Your child can able to walk along a plank as the balance is quite better in the childhood stage.

The Bottom Line

So far, we’ve shared about the baby weight chart, which explains to you that what should be the normal weight of the baby. In addition to this, we have put lights on child development and what changes in weights should come in 6-month baby weight.

Development in babies took place at a different pace as every child is different, and they even have a different environment. Your baby starts developing emotionally, physically as well as socially depending on the situation.

Is the article helpful? Tell us in the comment section if you’ve any queries or suggestions. Also, share your experience with us about the development that took place in your child. Help us improve!

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