Mi Body Composition Scale – Review and Buyers Guide

Smart weighing scales are high on-trend. The fitness enthusiasts are looking for smart scales with many more features than merely checking up the weight.

A smart body scale is typically an electronic bathroom weighing scale that does more than a weighing machine.

It measures other body composition metrics like body fat, body mass index, and body water.

mi body composition scale

A Smart Weighing Scale also sends all your composition metrics wirelessly to an app, or that automatically gets updated when you check your weight and other parameters.

Why do you need a Smart Scale?

Every fitness freak loves to have a smart scale that helps them to keep track of their fitness journey. Fitness is not about obesity and losing weight to get back the shape, but it’s about loving your body and celebrating fitness.

The smart scale becomes an essential thing in measuring your fitness. It is perfect for fitness enthusiasts and health-conscious people.

A smart weighing scale is best for families who run a regular check on weight and other health metrics. Once you step on the machine, it well let you know your weight and other metrics.

Buying a weighing scale in your home motivates your kids to be fitness enthusiasts.

It is excellent to keep track of fitness, especially for women during pregnancy. The best part of these machines is that the battery life is healthy; that is, it lasts for a very long time.

Thus, it’s time to get rid of conventional weighing machines.

What is MI Composition Scale?

Xiaomi has caught the limelight of the health industry with its new launch of the Xiaomi Mi Body Composition Scale.

It does everything a fitness tracker can do. It is a Chinese based product that features a quality smart scale at an affordable price. It is a user-friendly scale; even a kid can step into the weighing scale and get their composition metrics through an app.

It can read most of the health metrics right from body fat percentage, weight, and even bone mass, and much more. We’ll discuss in detail about this furthermore.

Are you wondering how this machine works?

Well, we will tell you in detail.

For best use, you need to download Mi Fitness App on your mobile. For accurate results, you will be further asked to enter details like gender, height, and date of birth in the App.

Once you are done with this process, step into the weighing scale. Now you’ll get your composition metrics and result in the App.

You can also create a unique profile for your family members. Once your kid steps in the Mi Smart Scale, the Mi app will detect the user profile and provide all body composition results.

If you are into weight loss goals, you can set a target weight and start your weight loss journey. It keeps track of your weight in a smarter way.

You need to realize one thing that you can’t get the weighing results on the scale; the metrics can be viewed only on an app.

The Mi Body Composition is one of the products in our Best Weighing Machine Lineup.

Mi Body Composition Scale Review

Mi Weighing Machine

MI Smart Scale is the most advanced weighing scale that’s available at a very affordable price for its qualitative features. It’s quite a shock for many to come across an advanced composition scale like this at this price.

No wonder this product is from a Chinese manufacturer. Now let’s get into the detailed review of the product and check whether this weighing scale is worth the buy.


  • Ten different body metrics
  • The App is compatible with both android and iOS
  • Maximum weight capacity of 150 and a minimum 5 kgs
  • Bluetooth 4.0

Don’t expect a top-notch glass display

If you are looking for an elegant glass finish weighing scale, this weighing scale won’t meet up this kind of expectation.

It is built with a matte polycarbonate material that comes along with Bioelectrical Impedances Analyses.

You will find the display located beneath the plastic base where the lights will get automatically turned on when you step into the weighing scale. Mi weight scale has a decent finish on the whole.

Well, the weighing scales have very minimum uses compared with other appliances in our home. But still, the Mi scale accumulates dirt very quickly.

It needs regular maintenance because of its white plastic body. The weighing scale is available only in white as there is no chance for opting dark tone weighing machine from Xiaomi.

However, one thing that’s quite disappointing is that you need to give a hard scrub with a damp cloth to remove all the dirt from it.

Detailed analysis of the body composition metrics

mi body composition scale review

One thing that distinguishes the Mi body scale from other weighing scales is the body composition metrics.

In addition to weight, you can measure bone mass, muscle mass, BMI body fat, visceral fat, water content, and basal metabolism.

You will receive a body type rating depending on the ration between your bone mass and muscle mass.

The scale does a great job of measuring these metrics with the aid of Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis, which is a tech involved in higher-end weighing scales like Lenovo HS1O and TomTom Touch.

Once you step into the weighing scale, an unnoticeable and very mild electrical current flows underneath your feet to take readings of the metrics.

It also measures the time it takes to send electrical flow all over your body and measure your body composition metrics. Don’t worry; the electric current is very mild that you won’t even feel it.

Once you step into the Mi body composition scale, you need to wait for 10 seconds for the machine to analyze the composition metrics of your body.

You can check your weight in your scale itself.

You need to access Mi App to get complete details on other composition metrics and comparison charts.

Reasons to Buy
  • Well-built body
  • Even a child can step on the weighing scale and get results on MI app
  • Have a high range of body metrics at affordable price
Reasons not to Buy
  • Plastic display
  • The composition scale doesn’t provide accurate readings for all parameters
  • You can measure only the weight data in the scale.
Mi Weighing Scale : Check Price

How to use the Mi Composition scale?

Step into the weighing scale and make sure your feet are free from water or dirt. You can check your weight in the Mi weighing scale itself.

In case you need a detailed report of composition metrics, you need to download the Mi app if you are using the weighing scale for the first time.

Now you need to create a profile providing details of your date of birth, weight, and height.

To get the reading of your weight and other metrics, you need to scroll down the App and tap on the body or weight score sections.

Once you tap into these selections, it will bring you a detailed graph of your weight. If you are not a first time user, the chart will provide your weight history.

In addition to it, you will see another chart that brings out a comparison between your weight and others of the same height and age as yours.

The App is user-friendly, and even elders can use this App with ease. You can also set a target weight you want to reach.

The composition analysis will also provide details regarding it.

This feature can be helpful for pregnant women and people with weight loss goals.

If you want to keep track of the weight of your whole family, you can set different profiles for all the members of your family.

Once you step into the machine, you can right away measure the weight on the scale, and in addition to it, you will get to receive other metrics on the App.

Just before showing these metrics, the App will ask you to choose the user profile, and then it brings out the results.

Over to you

Xiaomi Mi Body Composition Scale is quite an innovative tech that’s available at affordable prices.

It comes with a lot of specification at this price when compared to other smart scales. It is a product with great value.

One thing that’s quite annoying is that specific data aren’t accurate.

But still, mi scale is quite satisfying in its overall progress. One metric that’s not very accurate is the body fat percentage. The rest of the metrics are satisfying.

The product is right to get along for fitness enthusiasts who are looking for measuring scales at affordable prices.

The design is stylish, but the plastic built of the body seems a bit disappointing.

One thing that I find interesting is the variety of composition metrics you can see in the weighing scale.

It makes an excellent one-time investment if you are looking for a right weighing scale that can keep track of all your weight and metrics.

Do let us know the features you find very attractive with this smart scale? As a fitness enthusiast, do you find the Mi Composition Scale attractive?

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