Omron HEM-6161 Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor Review

Hypertension is one of the most common chronic diseases the Indian population faces. So, the demand for BP monitors is always prevalent in the market. We are always looking for a better and compact device to make the regular self-monitorization process convenient and effortless.

Therefore, the wrist BP monitors have earned quite a popularity.

However, choosing the right one has never been an easy task. To make the process easier, we have reviewed one of the best and most demanding monitors- Omron HEM-6161 – in detail. Go through this article to find out how this monitor can be the right choice for you.

About the brand

Omron is a Japanese brand well-known for manufacturing easy-to-use kit for self-monitorization purposes. The engineers employ the innovative and latest technologies to make their products stand out in the crowd. This brand offers the best accuracy and has earned the trust of users all over the world. So, it has also become the #1 choice of doctors and healthcare professionals.

Omron HEM-6161 Review

Omron HEM-6161 Review IndiaWrist BP monitors are less likely to be accurate, but with Omron wrist BP monitors, this concern can be kept aside. Like the upper-arm BP monitors of this brand, the Omron wrist monitors also use the oscillometric method to measure blood pressure, ensuring maximum accuracy. Moreover, the manufacturers promise ±3 mmHg accuracy in blood pressure and ±5% in pulse rate.

The monitor’s systolic range is 60 to 260 mmHg, while for the diastolic, it is 40 to 215 mmHg. And for the heartbeat rate, the measurement range is 40 to 180 beats per min.

Besides, Omron HEM-6161 has various indicators to help the user to get a precise reading. One of them is a body movement indicator. Due to accidental movement during the measurement, you often end up getting high readings. To avoid such situations and warn you, this indicator will give you a movement error symbol.

It has another indicator for proper cuff wrap. Seldom may happen; the users fail to wrap the cuff correctly, leading to inaccurate readings. The manufacturers have added an extra feature to solve this problem that lets you know if your wrist cuff is loosely or tightly wrapped. And if you have worn your cuff correctly, an “ok” symbol will be illuminated on the screen.

An irregular heartbeat can also affect your blood pressure measurement. It also has an irregular heart indicator symbol that pops up in the display along with the reading. It will be displayed when your heartbeat rate will be 25% high or low than the average pulse rate, or the sensor observes twice irregular heartbeat during measurement. After the assessment, if you think your BP is too high, you can make yourself calm down and retake the test.

Moreover, if the irregular heartbeat causes the measurement to be useless, no result will be displayed on the screen.
Omron HEM-6161 is a one-touch wrist monitor that can start quickly within 1.5 seconds after pressing the button. So, with it, regular tracking down the blood pressure becomes very convenient.

Moreover, the cuff is made from an exceedingly soft material, which makes it comfortable to wear. It can fit any wrist circumference measuring between 13.5 to 21.5 cm.

As for the user-friendliness, the wrist monitors are as good as the upper arm monitors of Omron. To ensure that the user follows the correct wrap guide and hand posture during the measurement, the manufacturers put a quick pictorial guide inside the plastic case. Moreover, the same direction is also drawn on the wrist cuff to remind the user once more about the correct process. Furthermore, the monitors offer excellent readability with an LCD screen and large icons. But it lacks date and time setting.

You can also check this guide to learn how to use a BP Monitor.

Besides, these readings can be stored in the memory of the wrist monitor. It can store 30 readings.

Omron HEM-6161 has IntelliSense Technology installed to allow the user to get personalized inflation for maximum comfort.

It requires two AAA batteries of 1.5V to function, which can last for at least 300 readings. Moreover, this wrist model comes in a solid plastic case, preventing it from external damage if packed inside the luggage.

Like any other wrist BP monitors, Omron HEM-6161 is also designed to be compact and easy-to-carry. It has a physical dimension of 84 mm in width, 62 mm in height and, 21 mm in length, with an approximate weight of 85 gms. Therefore, it is a convenient gadget for those who need to track their BP while travelling or at work.

The package will have a monitor, a case, two AAA batteries, a warranty card, and a user guide during the delivery.


  • Have irregular heartbeat detector
  • Have cuff wrap detector
  • Body movement indicator
  • One-touch operation
  • Can store 30 readings
  • Compact and convenient size
  • Not at all suitable for diabetic patient
  • Cannot set date or time
  • Doesn’t have hypertension indicator


Omron HEM 6161 wrist monitor uses the oscillometric method for measuring the blood pressure with greater accuracy. After wrapping the cuff around the wrist, it inflates itself, and the monitor observes the pressure pulsation of the artery below the cuff to display the result. Moreover, it is installed with cuff wrap, irregular heartbeat indicators, etc., making the testing process more comfortable. But the only limitation is that diabetic patients should not use the wrist monitor. Except for this, this wrist monitor works very well.

Though this product is very new to the market (launched on 3 Dec 2018), many have bought and reviewed it. The reason is simple – Omron HEM-6161 offers all the upper arm monitors’ features but in a compact and convenient size. So, why choose something else!

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