Omron HEM 6232T Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor Review

With modification and innovation in the technologies, wrist BP monitors are in quite a demand because of their compact sizes and easy portability. We are always searching to get the best option with many user-friendly features that don’t cross our budget.

However, choosing the right one has never been an easy task. Searching and going through every detail of the products to narrow down your options is challenging.

Therefore, to help with your purchasing decision, we have reviewed one of the best wrist BP monitor available in the market. We have discussed Omron HEM 6232T Review in detail to let you know about all its features and how it can be the right choice for you.

About the brand

Omron has its headquarter in Kyoto, Japan, and excels in manufacturing health equipment for home and medical purposes. It has also developed health management software and health promotion services to give its users the best and most convenient services.

With their various medical product, Omron has earned the trust of people all over the world. So, doctors and healthcare providers consider Omron as their #1 choice while suggesting their patients.

Omron HEM 6232T BP Monitor Review

Omron HEM 6232T BP Monitor ReviewLike all other Omron BP monitors, Omron HEM 6232T also promises to give you the best accuracy possible. If you are worried about your self-monitorization reading’s preciseness, with this model, your worries can rest assured.

But what makes it more attractive is it is loaded with all the features of an upper arm monitor but in a convenient size. Moreover, it is a two-user monitor, which can measure and store two individuals’ readings. So, before starting with the measurement, you need to switch to your profile, which lies at the monitor’s bottom.

Furthermore, the display of this monitor is quite large and clear for easy readability. And you can also set the date and time on the display.

Like most of the Omron models, this monitor is also installed with IntelliSense Technology. It gives comfortable and controlled inflation without any need for pressure pre-setting or re-inflation.

Moreover, for this type of unit, the monitor’s position and height play an essential role in the reading process. It has a position sensor that alerts you when the monitor is at the correct height to guide the users with the positioning and alignment of the monitor with the heart. This helps the users to adopt the right posture during measurement quickly.

This model has been installed with various indicators to make the self-monitorization process more straightforward and more comfortable, and your reading more accurate.

Any movement of the body can cause the monitor to read the BP higher than usual. So, having a body movement indicator is helpful, which alerts you in case of any movement. Hence, if you feel your test reading is too high, you can take a gap of 2-3 minutes and take the test once again.

The experts often suggest taking 2-3 readings and average them to get a more accurate blood pressure result. But doing it manually is a bit of hassle. But with Omron HEM 6232T, you can let it do the job. This monitor can show you the average of 2-3 reading that is taken within 10 minutes.

This model also has a hypertension indicator, which will make you aware of your blood pressure level crosses the healthy range. Moreover, to make the analysis much more straightforward, this monitor is installed with a morning average indicator. This feature’s function is to calculate the average of the morning readings over a week from memory. And if your systolic blood pressure value is over 135 mmHg or diastolic reading is above 85 mmHg, then the morning hypertension symbol will be displayed. This is to let you know that over consecutive days your morning blood pressure had been out of healthy pressure levels.

Irregular heartbeat also affects the blood pressure level. So, this model has an irregular heartbeat indicator. This feature alerts you in case your heartbeat rate differs by 25% from the average pulse rate. So, on such occasions, you can take another set of readings.

Another user-friendly indicator the monitor has is the cuff wrap indicator. Too loose or tight wrapping of a cuff can lead to an inaccurate reading. So, this monitor display an “ok” symbol when you have correctly put on the cuff. And in case you have left the cuff loose, a loose cuff symbol will be displayed on the screen. Moreover, the cuff is very flexible, so it becomes easy to wrap around the wrist.

For seamless management of your blood pressure level, this monitor can store up to 100 readings along with the date and time for each user. So, a total of 200 readings can be stored in memory. But when 100 sets of measurements are stored, the monitor automatically deletes the old record to make space for new ones. But you don’t have to worry about losing the old data. This monitor can be connected to the Omron Connect wirelessly via Bluetooth. Therefore, this monitor allows you to transfer them to your smartphone for storage. With this app, your personal health history will always remain at your fingertip through the intuitive dashboard. Moreover, this app helps you to analyze your pressure level through graphs and trends.

Omron HEM-6232T needs two AAA batteries to function.

This HEM kit consists of a wrist BP monitor, a plastic case, two AAA batteries, a user guide, and a warranty card during delivery.


  • IntelliSense Technology
  • Body movement indicator
  • Morning average indicator
  • Irregular heartbeat indicator
  • Position sensor indicator
  • Hypertension indicator
  • Cuff wrap guide indicator
  • Can connect to Omron Connect
  • Two-user monitor
  • 200 memory storage
  • Can perform an average of 2-3 readings
  • Nothing to mention


The Omron HEM-6232T has got all the features of the upper arm BP monitor and the trust of the brand. It has very many indicators like morning average indicators, position sensor indicators, etc., to make the measurement process more straightforward. Moreover, it offers an easy Bluetooth connection to Omron Connect, which helps you seamlessly manage your records via smartphone. And it has a compact size with a silent operation; so, you can test your blood pressure anywhere and at any time conveniently.

But as we all know, wrist monitors offer lesser accuracy than arm monitors; it will always be suggested for the diabetic patient to avoid this type.

Other than that, without a doubt, this Omron HEM-6232T is among the best products that can make your regular self-monitorization convenient.

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