Omron HEM-7120 VS Omron HEM-7124 – Which one is Better?

A survey found that almost 231 million adult Indians suffer from hypertension, making it one of the most common diseases. The saddest part is it is a chronic disease. So, hypertension requires ongoing medical attention and self-monetarization to prevent any unknowingly increment in the pressure level.

Therefore, a digital blood pressure monitor becomes a necessary day-to-day item for a hypertensive person.

But, with it, the question arises, which will be the right BP monitor for you.

There are so many options in the market with different opinions from different people. But your opinion matters the most. So, we have compared the two best-selling and most trusted digital BP meters in this article. It will help you decide which model will be the best choice for you.

About Omron

As we can see from the name, both the models HEM-7124 and HEM-7120 are manufactured by the same brand called Omron. It is a Japan-based company, well-known for making super-utility products. They take on unique and innovative technologies to make their products stand out in the crowd.

Omron is one of the most trusted brands, making its way as a #1 choice of experts.

This brand is mainly popular for digital BP monitors and nebulizers. But, other than these, they also offer a wide range of healthcare products like body composition monitors, low-frequency pain therapy equipment, electronic thermometers, etc.

Omron HEM-7120 VS Omron HEM-7124 BP Monitor Comparison

Omron HEM-7120 VS Omron HEM-7124 Comparison




Measurement Method Fully Automatic Fully Automatic
Type Upper Arm Upper Arm
Accuracy ±3 mmHg ±3 mmHg
Hypertension Indicator
IntelliSense Technology
Reading Storage Last Reading Last Reading
Arm Cuff 22 to 32 cm 22 to 32 cm
User Friendliness
Battery Type AA batteries AA batteries
Size 103 mm (W) x 80 mm (H) x 129 mm L 103 mm (W) x 80 mm (H) x 129 mm L
Weight 250 gms 250 gms
Warranty 3 Years 5 Years
Alternate Power Type
Irregular Heartbeat Indicator
Body Movement Detection
Date and Time
Data Averaging
Battery Indicator


Though these two models – HEM-7124 and HEM-7120 have few differences, they are quite similar in many features. The similarities between the models are listed below.

Measurement Method

Both the machines are fully automatic and can be operated with a single button.


Both the meters – 7124 and 7120 – is upper arm type digital blood pressure monitor.


In terms of accuracy, both are similar. For example, they have ±3 mmHg accuracy for the blood pressure measurement compared to the sphygmomanometer. And for the pulse rate, the models offer ±5% precise reading.

Hypertension Indicator

This indicator alerts you when your systolic or diastolic pressure is out of the standard healthy range. For example, if you have hypertension, a heartbeat symbol will blink on the monitor when the result is displayed.

This feature is available in both 7124 and 7120 meters.

IntelliSense Technology

This technology lets the arm cuff inflate and deflate at the optimum level for every user. With this, the users need not select an inflation level. This is mainly convenient for people with hypertension, particular arrhythmia, or heart disorder, as their BP is likely to fluctuate.

This feature is installed in both models.


Both the BP meters have a large display screen of 59 mm x 43 mm. Moreover, each measurement reading is shown in extra-large icons beside the measurement name viz “SYS”, “DIA”, and “PULSE” labelled on the meter. It makes both the models great in readability.

Reading Storage

Both the meters are designed to store the last reading. Moreover, these meters are compatible with Omron Connect, an Omron application. It wirelessly syncs with the BP monitors to collect the measurement data and provides a user-friendly dashboard for viewing recent results and tracking process. Furthermore, these data can be easily shared with your physician.

Arm Cuff

As for the arm cuff, both models have a wider circumference of 22 to 32 cm, making it a comfortable fit for many.

User Friendliness

Sometimes, due to the arm cuff’s improper placement, the blood pressure measurement reading can be inaccurate. To avoid this, the manufacturers have pictorially depicted the process of putting on the arm cuff step by step on the arm cuff material. Both models have this feature, which makes their reading precise.

Moreover, the user manual is also straightforward to understand and is available in both Hindi and English. So, in terms of user-friendliness, they are similar.

Power Type

Both these meters use four AA batteries to function.


With the physical dimension of 103 mm (W) x 80 mm (H) x 129 mm L, both these models can be easily carried around. Moreover, both of them weigh 250gm. So, in terms of portability, they are similar.

Date and Time

None of the models is designed to display date and time.

Package Contents

The package contents include a digital BP monitor, an arm cuff, four AA batteries, a user manual, and a warranty card. The contents are similar for both models.


In the following part, we have listed the significant differences between the models HEM-7124 and HEM-7120.

Irregular Heartbeat Indicator

If your heartbeat rate varies more than 25% of the average heartbeat, this indicator will alert you with a ringing heart symbol while displaying the measurement result. This feature is available only in HEM-7120.

Body Movement Detection

The model HEM-7120 indicates the user for the retake of the measurement if any error is detected due to the body movement during analysis. It thus ensures the measurement is accurate.

This feature is not available for HEM-7124.


The model HEM-7120 is a bit pricy than the model HEM-7124.

Alternate Power Type

The battery-powered BP monitor needs an extra step to put and remove the batteries to keep the unit safe. Or sometimes, it may occur, the batteries die in the middle of the analysis. So, for such occasions, the manufacturers designed the monitor to run on a power supply of DC 6V. Even you can charge the monitor using the adaptor, but it needs to be bought separately. This feature is included only in HEM-7120.


The model HEM-7124 offers a warranty of 5 years. In addition, it covers the manufacturing defects in its warranty, while any breakage or tampered is not included.

The HEM-7120 has a warranty of 3 years, covering the central unit under it. However, the warranty does not apply to the batteries.

Our Opinion

The Omron HEM-7120 has a few extra features like a body movement indicator and an irregular heartbeat detector. Moreover, it can run on electricity as an alternate power and can be charged. Unfortunately, these additional features make Omron HEM-7120 a little pricey than Omron HEM-7124.

On the other hand, the model Omron HEM-7124 is old in the market and hence is reviewed and trusted by more people. Furthermore, it is more affordable.

In our opinion, Omron HEM-7120 is the better digital BP monitor in a sense; it gives you more features, making it a more user-friendly product. So, indeed look for this model if money is not a problem.

But if you are looking for an affordable BP Monitor, go for Omron HEM- 7124.

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