Omron HEM-7120 VS Omron HEM-8712 – Which one is Better?

For patients with hypertension, along with medicines and healthy lifestyles, daily self-monetarization plays a vital role in the treatment. The process helps you keep a close track of your blood pressure level, preventing any sudden unknowing increase.

So, a digital blood pressure monitor becomes essential.

But there remains a question about the right choice of the BP monitor.

It becomes more confusing when you check out every product. So, to buy the best product, a side by side comparison can help you a lot to make the purchasing decision.

Therefore, we have compared the two best selling and most trusted digital BP meters- Omron HEM-7120 and Omron HEM-8712, in this article. It will help you out to choose the right digital blood pressure monitor for you.

Omron HEM-7120 VS Omron HEM-8712 India Comparison

Omron HEM-7120 VS Omron HEM-8712 Comparison

About the brand

Both the models, Omron HEM-7120 and Omron HEM-8721, are the products of the same brand, Omron. It is a Japan-based company well-known for its superior utility products in the medical field. They employ innovative and remarkable technologies to stick out from the crowd. Over the years, it has built its reputation as the most trusted brand, making it a #1 choice of the professionalist.

They manufacture a varying range of self-monitoring products like body composition monitors, low-frequency pain therapy equipment, electronic thermometers, etc. But this brand is mainly known for manufacturing digital blood pressure monitors and nebulizers.

Omron HEM-7120
Omron HEM-8712
Measurement Method Fully Automatic Fully Automatic
Type Upper Arm Upper Arm
Accuracy ±3 mmHg ±3 mmHg
Hypertension Indicator
Irregular Heartbeat Indicator
Body Movement Detection
IntelliSense Technology
Reading Storage Last Reading Last Reading
Arm Cuff 22 to 32 cm 22 to 32 cm
User Friendliness
Battery Type AA batteries AA batteries
Size 103 mm (W) x 80 mm (H) x 129 mm L 103 mm (W) x 80 mm (H) x 129 mm L
Weight 250 gms 250 gms
Warranty 3 Years 5 Years
Date and Time
Data Averaging
Battery Indicator


Though these two models – HEM-8721 and HEM-7120 have few differences, they are similar in many features. The similarities between the models are listed below.

Measurement Method

The HEM-8721 and HEM-7120 are fully automatic. That means the whole measurement procedure can be conducted with a single button.

Model Type

Upper arm monitors are the preferable digital BP meter type, as its cuff has a natural resting level as same as the heart level. This makes the measurement more accurate and manageable.

Both the meters – HEM-8721 and HEM-7120 are the upper arm digital blood pressure monitors, hence giving accuracy.


The machine’s preciseness influences the purchasing decision greatly. Both the monitors offer the same accuracy levels. The blood pressure measurement accuracy is ±3 mmHg, while the pulse rate accuracy is ±5%. This accuracy comparison is made with the lab results.

Hypertension Indicator

Sometimes, you may miss out on the seriousness of the result. So, this hypertension indicator notifies you in case your systolic or diastolic pressure exceeds the standard healthy range. This indicator uses a heartbeat symbol to draw your attention, which blinks on the monitor while displaying the result.

This feature is available in both 8712 and 7120 meters.

Irregular Heartbeat Indicator

HEM-8721 and HEM-7120 are designed to alert you when your heartbeat rate varies more than 25% of the standard reading. This indicator uses a ringing bell symbol to draw the attention of the users.

Body Movement Detection

Any movement during the measurement can give you inaccurate results. So, few models are installed with a body movement detector. It indicates the user to retake the measurement in case of body movement detection during the analysis. This feature is available in both HEM-8721 and HEM-7120 BP monitors.

IntelliSense Technology

Omron uses innovative IntelliSense Technology to design its BP monitors, which give more accurate results.

With the method, there is no need for the users to select the inflation level manually. It causes the arm cuff to inflate and deflate at the optimum level for every user.

This technology is especially necessary for users with hypertension, arrhythmia, or heart disorder, as their pressure level is likely to fluctuate.
Both the model – HEM-8721 and HEM-7120 have InetlliSense Technology installed in it.


Both the BP monitors – HEM-8721 and HEM-7120 – excels in terms of readability. Each of them has an LCD screen with a physical dimension of 59 mm x 43 mm. The monitors have the measurement name viz “SYS”, “DIA”, and “PULSE” labelled beside the display section. It prevents the misreading of the result.

Moreover, the monitors display the result in an extra-large icon so that even the older adults can read it conveniently.

Reading Storage

Both the BP monitors can store the last reading. But sometimes, it becomes necessary to keep more than one result for better analysis. However, doing this job manually can be inconvenient.

So, these meters are designed to sync to an Omron app called Omron Connect wirelessly.

It collects the measurement data from the meters and provides a user-friendly dashboard for viewing recent results and tracking process. Additionally, you can easily share these stored measurement results with your doctor.

Arm Cuff

The proper fit of the arm cuff is a necessary condition to get an accurate result. So, while buying a BP monitor, choosing a wide cuff is a wise decision. The arm cuff of both the models has a circumference of 22 to 32 cm, which is wide enough to fit a broad range of users.

User Friendliness

For achieving precise reading, the proper placement of the arm cuff is mandatory. To guide the user through the process, the manufacturers have diagrammatically described each step on the arm cuff material. Both the models’ arm cuffs have this feature.

Furthermore, these meters’ user guide is written in simple language, making it easier to understand for ordinary people. So they offer similar user-friendliness.

Power Type

The models Omron HEM-7120 and Omron HEM-8721 need a set of four batteries to function. Moreover, both of them have the option of an alternate power source – a 6 V DC power supply. So, you can use either option to make these meters run.


Both models are similar in terms of portability. Each of them has 103 mm (W) x 80 mm (H) x 129 mm L, weighing only 250 gms. So, carrying these meters along with you is not a difficult task.

Package Contents

The package includes a digital BP monitor, an arm cuff, four AA batteries, a user manual, and a warranty card during the delivery. It is the same for both models.


In the following part, we have listed the significant differences between the models HEM-8721 and HEM-7120.


When we purchase a new product, we always want to get the best item at the cheapest expense. So, while comparing the two products side by side, the cost difference is one of the essential facts to be considered.

The model Omron HEM-8712 is expensive than the model Omron HEM-7120. The former costs a few hundred rupees extra than the latter, which is not a small amount.


When you buy a similar product, another thing that matters is the warranty. It is a confirmation that the product will be repaired or replaced without extra payment if it comes under the warranty time limit.

The manufacturers offer a warranty of 5 years for the model Omron HEM-8712, while the warranty period for Omron HEM-7120 is 3 years.

What Omron HEM-7120 and Omron HEM-8721 don’t have?

Although both the models have too many similar features making them q perfect choice, they lack a few helpful features.

Date and Time

None of the models is designed to display date and time.

Data Averaging

To get a more precise result, the experts often suggested taking an average of two or three readings. But doing it manually can be a hectic job. So, few BP meters are designed to show you the mean result.

But these models, Omron HEM-7120 and Omron HEM-8721 are devoid of this feature.

Battery indicator

As all the BP monitors are designed to run on batteries, few have the feature to show the battery life. It notifies you earlier in case of low battery life.

But since both the models, HEM-7120 and HEM-8712, have an alternative power source, this feature is unnecessary. As you can charge the BP monitor in case, the battery gets dead in the middle of the measurement.

Our Opinion

Omron HEM-8172 is an old product launched in 2014, while the model HEM-7120 is a recent product. So, the former is tested and reviewed by more number of people, thereby gaining their trust.

We can see from the detailed discussion that Omron HEM-7120 is similar to the Omron HEM-8721 except for their price and warranty. Omron HEM-8721 is expensive but gives you an extra two years of warranty than the Omron HEM-7120.

So, in conclusion, if you want a more trusted and reviewed product with an extra warranty, Omron HEM-8712 is a better choice.

But if you don’t want to pay extra, go for Omron HEM-7120.

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