Omron HEM-7124 BP Monitor Review – Is it the Best?

Along with prescribed medication and regular exercises, a diabetic patient needs extra care to keep the blood pressure under control. This extra care includes a healthy lifestyle and regular self-monitorization.

This regular analysis is mostly suggested by doctors to ensure that your BP never exceeds the healthy range.

This supervision becomes excessively essential when you start doing a new set of exercises, or your doctor prescribes any changes in your medication. It helps you to know how this new routine affects your blood pressure.

Thus, having a personal BP monitor can be convenient. But if you want to know which monitor will be the right choice for you, check this article out.

We have reviewed one of the most accurate and trusted blood pressure monitors- Omron HEM-7124 to let you know how it can be the best purchase for you.

About the brand

Omron is a Japan-based electronic manufacturing company. This brand is known to employ innovative technologies in its product, making them super-utility goods. They offer various healthcare products like BP monitors, temperature measurements, weight management, etc. in India.

Omron is the world’s leading and most trusted brand in the medical field. So, this brand is recommended by most of the experts and professionals for self-monitoring purposes.

Omron HEM-7124 BP Monitor Review

Omron HEM-7124 Review IndiaAs the name suggests, Omron HEM-7124 is used to measure blood pressure levels. It is a fully automatic meter and can be operated by a single button.

This meter has a hypertension indicator which alerts you if your reading exceeds the healthy range.

Moreover, like the other Omron models, this model, HEM-7124, is also not an exception in preciseness.

Furthermore, this model uses IntelliSense Technology that allows the arm cuff to inflate and deflate at the optimum level for every individual user, making the reading accurate.

This is particularly useful for hypertensive users and people with particular arrhythmia or heart disorders because their pressure level is likely to fluctuate. It also offers a quick measurement of the blood pressure level.

Omron HEM-7124 has a large LCD screen of dimension 59 mm x 43 mm, which shows the extra-large digits’ reading. Thus, even older adults can read the test result without any difficulty.

Moreover, the unit has “SYS”, “DIA”, and “PULSE” labelled beside the display, indicating the specific reading. Thus, it makes the interpretation of the result more comfortable.

The meter can store the last reading, which helps you analyze the difference between the present and the previous result. But if you want to keep more reading for better analysis, this Omron model offers you a solution. You need to download an app called Omron Connect from the play store and install it on your phone. It can be installed on both Android and iPhone. You can connect your phone with the monitor with the help of the QR code available on the side of the monitor’s box. So, after each reading, scan the reading with Omron Connect, save the information in the app, and, if required, share it with your doctor. Therefore, with this app, storing and sharing of test results becomes more comfortable and more convenient.

As for the arm cuff, it has a wider circumference of 22 to 32 cm. So it can be a comfortable fit for a wide range of persons. Moreover, on the arm cuff, the manufacturers have pictorially directed how to put the cuff on properly. It reduces manual error, thus helping to get a more precise result.

The meter needs four AA batteries to function. But the downside is that it can’t run on electricity. So, every time you use it, you have to face the hassle of putting the battery in and out. (It is recommended to remove the battery after every use. It extends the battery life and prevents internal damage to the unit). With these four sets of batteries, you can take up to 1000 readings.

Omron HEM-7124 has a physical dimension of 103 mm (W) x 80 mm (H) x 129 mm L and weighs only 250 gm. So carrying it along with you will never be a problem.

The manufacturer offers you five years of extended brand warranty for the BP monitor, with T&C.

Read this article to learn how to use a BP Monitor.

The package includes –

  • A BP monitor (central unit)
  • An arm cuff
  • 4 AA batteries
  • User manual


  • Accurate
  • Fully automatic
  • Have hypertension indicator
  • Uses IntelliSense Technology
  • User- friendly
  • Can store last reading
  • Have an app that offers extra storage and easy sharing
  • Portable
  • Can’t run on electricity


The Omron HEM-7124 employs innovative IntelliSense Technology to offer its user a more precise result.

Moreover, features like hypertension indicator, easy readability, one-touch operation, extra storage, etc., make the model very preferable. It makes the self-monitoring and analysis process much more straightforward.

So, with the trust of the brand and so many unique features, the Omron HEM-7124 can be the best choice for you.

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